Top 25 Christmas Worship Video Loops for Church


Your Christmas Eve worship service is a wonderful time of year that everybody marks on their calendar and waits in anticipation for. All around the world, sanctuaries fill up to sing Christmas carols, worship songs and hymns. Every worship session is important, but this one is a pretty big deal! Whatever theme your church has decided on, there is a worship video loop available and ready to rock. Maybe you are going to crank up the volume and go loud and groovy? Maybe bust out the tambourines and bells? Or, perhaps you’re killing the lights and lighting the candles for a more warm and cozy feel. No matter what route you decide to go, it’s never too early to start getting your set list together with the corresponding video loops for that final touch to make your Christmas Eve worship as beautiful as it can be. Here is a list of the top 25 Christmas worship videos for church. These Christmas worship loops are just a snapshot of the more than 68,000 graphics, videos and worship media available from Sharefaith.

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Using Church Loops Before the Service

Using Sharefaith’s collection of Christian videos, you can totally transform your church’s media experience. Now, rather than featuring videos as a only-once-in-awhile event, church loops can be used basically all the time. Here’s your quick-start guide to using church loops throughout the service.  Continue reading “Using Church Loops Before the Service” »

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The Best Types of Worship Background Videos

best types of church video

What makes a good worship background video? How do you know if your church worship background videos are really up to par? Here, we explain some of the best types of worship background videos, including examples of worship background videos that distinguish themselves as the best in their class.

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How to Start Using Worship Video Loops

Church Video Getting Started

So you’re ready to use worship video loops in your church. Where do you start? What do you need to get worship video loops into your service? Here’s your simple, quick-start guide to start using worship video loops.

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Tips for Using Christian Videos

Church Video Tips

For all the great benefits of using Christian videos, some warnings, tips, and suggestions are in order. It can be easy to be so excited about all these great Christian video loops that you overlook some potential dangers of using (or overusing) worship video loops, sermon videos, and other Christian videos. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when using Christian videos in your church service.

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Types of Church Videos

When using church videos, you’re faced with a great array of options as to what kind of church videos you can use. We’ve made it simple for you by featuring here the main types of church videos and explaining how they can be used in worship.

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Why Use Worship Videos?

Why Church Video?

You’ve probably read about worship videos, seen a few worship videos, and maybe even downloaded a free worship video background. But let’s ask the question:  why use worship videos? Are worship videos worth it? Relevant? Convenient? Cost-effective? Let’s explain some of the reasons why church videos are the way to go for churches today. Continue reading “Why Use Worship Videos?” »

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How To Create and Use Worship Video Loops, Mini Movies and Sermon Videos

Sharefaith is the premier provider of Christian mini movies, sermon videos, worship video backgrounds loops and church video announcements.

How to Download: Once you select your desired worship background slide you will see four download options: 1) MPEG4, 2) MPEG, 3) MVW and 4) M4V. All videos are 720 x 480, 30 fps.  Simply chose your desired video format, download to your desktop/ hard drive. You may then use the video with your desired media software.

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