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For all the great benefits of using Christian videos, some warnings, tips, and suggestions are in order. It can be easy to be so excited about all these great Christian video loops that you overlook some potential dangers of using (or overusing) worship video loops, sermon videos, and other Christian videos. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when using Christian videos in your church service.

  1. Don’t use the same video loop over and over again. There’s no need to bore people with the same design, week after week. If you have a membership with Sharefaith, you have access to thousands of videos. Enjoy the variety. Check out the kind of variety available here.
  2. Don’t place small text on a worship video background. Any projected text needs to be large enough for people to read, but this is especially important with video backgrounds. Because of the moment, any text placement should be large and bold enough to be read from any distance in the auditorium. For samples of great text size and placement, view these welcome videos.
  3. Make sure that the worship video loop and the text on it coincide. If the worship video loop you are using fades out at the end, be sure that the text does, too. It can look a little bit tacky for the video to end, but the text to still be projected. Synchronize the church video loop and the text.
  4. Set auto-timings for the video loop. When you’re arranging your slideshow, make sure you fine-tine and double-check the timing features for the church video loop. If you want the slideshow to run automatically and the video loop to begin playing right away, be sure to change these settings. Church video loops make timing and transitions a snap. Find more church video loops.
  5. Set up and project your church videos using a computer with a decent graphics. Videos take a lot of computer memory, and if you’re still using a computer with limited RAM, you may need to find a more high-octane machine. A computer with little memory or poor graphics will display worship loop in a jerky fashion.
  6. Make sure that the video background and the text have a high contrast for easy visibility. Since the lighting and background may fluctuate slightly in a worship video loop, it’s important to make sure that your text and your video background are distinct in color and shade. You want people to easily see the text without straining their eyes.
  7. Use HD video loops when possible. Most church video these days is going high-def, so whenever possible, use HD video quality. All Sharefaith videos are now being produced in HD.
  8. Allow worship videos to cycle off to a blank screen when they are not needed. It can be a bit distracting to have the “Welcome to the service!” video loop playing during the first ten minutes of the service. Make sure that when the video is no longer needed, the screen goes blank or moves on to the next video loop or worship background.

If you’re looking for the best worship software to use, we recommend Media Shout. Media Shout’s software is far superior to Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote software, since it was designed specifically for church worship settings.

Most of the time, using worship videos is simple and straightforward. Just keep these easy tips in mind, and you’ll be set for great quality church videos in your church service.

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