Sharefaith Spotlight for May 19th, 2015

In today’s Sharefaith Spotlight we highlight 27 fresh new church graphic designs, including our one-week only 20% Memorial Day sale. Get 20% off the Complete Yearly membership that gives you a church website, church mobile app, hosting, 60,000 graphics, worship software and a 52 Week Sunday School curriculum in one membership, for one price! We also highlight SharefaithKids ParentShare that connects parents with their kid’s Sunday School class. They’ll get text updates on what their child will be taught or was taught. Continue reading “Sharefaith Spotlight for May 19th, 2015” »

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Happy Father’s Day Pastors – How Being a Church Leader is Much Like Being a Father


If you like being a parent of teenagers, you’ll love pastoring. Ministry is so much like parenting that when the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy to look for mature Christian men to oversee the flock, the only “management” qualification was that the elder be a good dad. Earlier in his life Paul revealed his own father’s heart toward his recalcitrant spiritual kids in Corinth. Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day Pastors – How Being a Church Leader is Much Like Being a Father” »

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Sharefaith Spotlight for May 14th, 2015

In this episode of Sharefaith Spotlight: We announce the release of 52 brand new SharefaithKids color-ins. Still don’t have a church app? We give you a few compelling reasons to get one with Complete. Plus two new articles on anti-human trafficking organizations and questions you should ask when making a new hire in your ministry.


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Preparing for New Hires in Ministry, Are You Asking the Right Questions?


Your church is growing, you have a great volunteer team but it may be time to make that leap and hire a few employees.

Hiring employees can be a scary thing for churches because the decision to enter into an employer/employee relationship can impact the church and its ability to fulfill its mission. If the right person is chosen, it can mean getting additional things done, more quickly. However, if the wrong person is hired, it can result in management challenges, frustrations and distraction from focusing on those mission critical objectives. Continue reading “Preparing for New Hires in Ministry, Are You Asking the Right Questions?” »

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Stop Modern Day Slavery – Top 10 Anti-Human Sex Trafficking Organizations


These are the men and women, outraged by the horrors of human trafficking, whose conviction to “do justly and to love mercy” is much more than a mere obligation. With love and compassion they have given their lives to see captives set free and the world rid of the gross injustice of modern day slavery. It is because of these willing heroes that the voice against this vile corruption grows louder each day. Below are Top 10 Anti-Sex Trafficking Organizations.

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Top 30 Christian Conferences for 2015 & 2016 in the U.S.


Across the nation, there are hundreds of conferences delivering top-notch information and inspiration to God’s people. Ever since the days of camp meetings, Christians have thrived on intense periods of Bible teaching, worship, and prayer. Today’s Christian conferences are designed to help Christians focus on their area of ministry, provide encouragement, and sharpen one’s skills tools for ministry. Conferences aren’t just for pastors or church leaders, either. There are conferences for moms, dads, women, men, Sunday School teachers, families, new Christians, old Christians, and medium Christians. Basically, there’s a conference for anyone who is interested in deepening their relationship with Christ.


If you haven’t attended a conference before, consider this your invitation. And consider this list to be the menu from which you can choose. Continue reading “Top 30 Christian Conferences for 2015 & 2016 in the U.S.” »

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Top 10 Christian Books On Prayer


“You may as soon find a living man that does not breath, as a living Christian that does not pray.”

~ Matthew Henry

In prayer we acknowledge the greatness of God and recognize the privilege to call Him Father; in prayer we gain insight into how God thinks and receive strength to trust His will over our own; in prayer we cast our burdens on Him, and trust Him for every need; in prayer we seek forgiveness and the ability to forgive; and in prayer we find the power for deliverance from temptation and safety from the enemy. If you are looking for some direction, encouragement, and inspiration on the topic of prayer, this list of Top 10 Christian Books on Prayer will provide you with a good start. Continue reading “Top 10 Christian Books On Prayer” »

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Sharefaith Newsletter Spotlight – May 7th, 2015

This week we’re trying something brand new! We’re gonna tell you everything that’s new at Sharefaith, through video! You can learn more about everything that’s mentioned in the Sharefaith Spotlight video with links down below.


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