What is Easter Sunday? An In-Depth Look At Resurrection Sunday


Our faith is useless without the resurrection. Through Jesus Christ our greatest problem of sin and facing eternal judgment, has been solved; and because of His resurrection the solution of His perfect sacrifice has been established. If the church had to pick one event to put time and effort into, and rally the most enthusiasm around, it would have to be the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “What is Easter Sunday? An In-Depth Look At Resurrection Sunday” »

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Top 20 Church Outreach Ideas for Easter Sunday


The substance of our faith and our very salvation depends on the resurrection of Christ. Apart from it our faith is futile, we are still dead in our sins, we have no hope in our own resurrection, and as the Apostle Paul put it, “we are of all people most pitied.” But Jesus did rise again and His resurrection proved victory over every ruler, authority, and power, including death. Invite your community to hear this important message. Here are the top 20 church outreach ideas for Easter Sunday: Continue reading “Top 20 Church Outreach Ideas for Easter Sunday” »

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10 Easter Ideas for Children’s Ministry on Easter Sunday


The Resurrection is one of the most important truths about Jesus that kids will ever have the opportunity to hear. The resurrection of Christ means confidence that the entire testimony of Jesus is true, that payment for sin has been made in full, and that there is sure victory over sin and death. Let’s help children experience His resurrection this Easter. Here are 10 Easter ideas for children’s ministry on Easter Sunday:

Continue reading “10 Easter Ideas for Children’s Ministry on Easter Sunday” »

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Your Easy 10-Step Guide to Upgrading Your Church To HD


The process for upgrading an older standard definition video system to a newer high definition video system might not be as cut and dry as it may seem. If done out of order, you could end up wasting time and money. Here is a guide I developed for my church as we approached the idea of transitioning to HD. Continue reading “Your Easy 10-Step Guide to Upgrading Your Church To HD” »

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10 Ways the Church Can be Active in its Community


To love God and to love others are two very straightforward commands, the question is, what are practical ways we can carry out that instruction in the every day life of our church community? First of all, let’s uncover the basis for all practical effort in the light of scripture: We are taught to love others the way Jesus did (John 13:34), to look at another’s interest as more important than our own (Philippians 2:3-4), to love even those who hate us (Matthew 5:43-38), to put our faith to work with applied forms of giving and serving (James 2:14-17); we are taught it is impossible to love God and hate our neighbor (1 John 4:19-21). And who knows? By getting your congregation out into the community, you could be opening up doors to bring new people to your church. Let me provide 10 practical ways the church can serve its community. Continue reading “10 Ways the Church Can be Active in its Community” »

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10 Tips for Providing a Great Church Volunteer Experience



Volunteers give of their time to help a church fulfill its mission. Successful volunteer programs are able to create a positive experience by providing structure and support for the volunteer and their job assignments. People who donate their time come to the role with an expectation of having a positive experience.  Good volunteer management incorporates many things that contribute to a positive experience for the volunteer. Continue reading “10 Tips for Providing a Great Church Volunteer Experience” »

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Free Website Migrations For Churches – Coming Thursday


Over the last few years, we’ve met countless churches who loved Sharefaith’s website & hosting product, but were stuck in an expensive website contract or hosting agreement with another provider that they’re no longer pleased with. Many of these churches also did not have the funds, time, or staff to allocate to migrating or moving their old website to a new Sharefaith one. That is now in the past! As usual, Sharefaith goes above and beyond to create the best customer service and give you the best church resources at the lowest price possible! Continue reading “Free Website Migrations For Churches – Coming Thursday” »

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25 Bible Verses That Speak Against Fear – Walk in Christ’s Victory Today!


It is astonishing how many Christians limp through life in utter defeat, never experiencing the life of victory or the full joy of their salvation because they listen to and believe the lies of Satan. Their lives are filled with fear, anxiety, worry and stress. The Bible says that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) and that he roams around like a prowling lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). He will go after your mind, your appearance, your identity, your character – heck, even your salvation, especially the latter! That’s why God tells you to be on your guard and let your mind be under the control and influence of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:6).  It’s time for you to apply God’s Word, as it speaks against fear and anxiety, and to start walking in Christ’s victory. Continue reading “25 Bible Verses That Speak Against Fear – Walk in Christ’s Victory Today!” »

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10 Safety Concerns Parents Have for Vacation Bible School


I’m an acutely cautious parent, borderline paranoid. With all the news of child abductions, sexual and physical abuse, and accidents resulting from gross negligence, why shouldn’t I be? I think it’s great that you serve the children in your church and community by offering a life-changing biblical experience, but any decent parent is not going to just drop off the most precious thing they have ever been given, without being perfectly satisfied that you have spent significant time developing and carefully implementing a solid safety plan. VBS planning is now in effect, so should the development of your policies and procedures concerning safety. Let me share with you the top safety concerns for VBS that most parents share. Continue reading “10 Safety Concerns Parents Have for Vacation Bible School” »

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6 Great Tips On Blogging On Your Church Website Every Week


In ministry there is no end to improving communication; whether teaching, preaching or writing, the skill to share or exchange information is of vital importance. Blogging will hone in on that skill. Not only will it help you better organize your thoughts, but the persistent discipline of writing those thoughts down will also help you quickly reconstruct the information later in conversation. The process of writing will make you a better thinker, which will translate to being a more careful speaker, and enable you to effectively sort out what is truly important. Blogging will provide you an outlet to inspire, to attract more people to inspire, and speak out on important issues in a way that you might not be able to do in any other interaction. Here is a strategy to help you ease into the blogging community. Continue reading “6 Great Tips On Blogging On Your Church Website Every Week” »

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