Ministry Leadership Fails – Six Reasons Why

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Nobody craves failure. Especially not leaders. But why don’t leaders achieve the kind of success they desire? More significantly, why do leaders fail? Whether you lead a small church, a massive organization, or a family, here are six reasons why ministry leadership fails. (more…)

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Top 10 Church Lighting System Providers for Design

Church lighting system providers design example

Light can be used to build presence and anticipation. You can set themes and work transitions through lighting design. We’ve listed 10 Church lighting system providers to review in your search for a new system or to compliment and add in with your current design. All of these Church lighting system providers primarily service churches. But some service organizations and other service for-profit companies as well.  (more…)

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Why Worship Visuals Are Essential and Not Distracting

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Some churches are already visually full of color and beauty. Stained glass with stories of biblical events and stories surround the worshipper. But, a growing number of worshippers meet in rented schools, renovated warehouses, or even storefronts. Worship visuals might be essential in an environment where even a basic cross can’t be found.

In our modern day, visual storytelling is our culture. From motion pictures, video games, and emojis, everything we do involves communication through… Click To TweetWith our faith being something we have a mission to pass on and to spread, it would be almost a crime to forgo a growth in our facility with visuals. In worship, a picture can indeed act as a thousand words. Why are worship visuals essential? (more…)

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60 Bible Verses for Kids and Sunday School

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60 Bible Verses for Kids and Sunday School

Nothing transforms a life like the Word of God! It is living, active and speaks to every facet of life. So whether we have kids of our own, or serve the children of others, we need to know what God’s Word says about our little ones. Take a few minutes and be encouraged by these 60 Bible verses for kids and your Sunday School curriculum.

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Top 10 Church Accounting Software and Accounting Services

Keeping the books straight is an important task, as anyone of us knows who has worked for any length of time in charitable organizations. The careful oversight that is in place for church accounting via a board of deacons or elders creates needed accountability. Openness of how giving is being used, how much is going to missional projects versus brick and mortar, for example, makes a difference. In the end, good accounting builds that delicate bridge of trust between the organization of church and the individual church member. We’ve put together a top 10 list of accounting software and/or services. We do this completely independent from the services listed. Like any of our top lists, we think this one will help review your current situation and maybe give you some ideas for the future. Where there is a story of ministry, we’ve included an excerpt of it below. (more…)

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10 Big Misconceptions about Christian Worship

What is worship? This question can drive us crazy with conversations about what we do each Sunday regarding sermons, music, and even the coffee. One teacher of mine said this, “If worship is everything, then worship is nothing.” So, we can’t simply disregard the importance of our gatherings. In order to clear the air a bit, let’s talk about 10 big Christian worship misconceptions. (more…)

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Trusting God – His Ways Are Higher Than Yours


As leaders, we face the dichotomy of leading and being vulnerable. When this happens, we can so quickly forget about trusting God. We feel like we are unable to be vulnerable because we are leaders. The irony! Our self-confidence slowly dwindles and we soon shrink into a state of isolation for fear of being identified as unfit to lead. By not trusting in God to provide for us we decide to honor ourselves rather than our Creator.

Our lack of confidence resides in our inability to trust in God. Our failure to trust Him stems from our fear of losing control. Control births the very nature that leads us to impulsively steward our lives into a direction we often deem appropriate. Many times this course is way off, leading to frustration, doubt, and a misunderstanding of God’s provision and plan. (more…)

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Vacation Bible School In 10 Easy Steps, Using Sharefaith Kids

Vacation Bible School Heroes Of Faith

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start planning your Vacation Bible School. VBS is a wonderful opportunity to reach new children with the Gospel and breathe new life into your Sunday School. And, despite what you may have heard, preparing for VBS doesn’t have to be a stomach-churning, anxiety-inducing process. Give this article a quick read, and we’ll show the secret to a vibrant VBS!

Vacation Bible School in 10 easy steps, using Sharefaith Kids!



Finding a biblical theme that covers a week of Vacation Bible School can be a real challenge. So we’ve put one together for you. This summer, take your children on an adventure as they discover: “Heroes of Faith.” This theme comes straight from Hebrews 11, and gives you the opportunity to introduce your children to some of the greatest stories in all the Bible! Plus, at the end of this article, we’ll give you some great tools to promote Heroes of Faith to your church.


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20 Must-Read Worship Books for Worship Leaders

Books for Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders in the local church are spiritual leaders. This means we should be constantly sharpening our minds as well as our hearts and our skill. So we have compiled a list of books for worship leaders that seek to fulfill this need. Solomon is probably right when he said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” So having some classics under your belt will surely breed a greater context to your ministry. In other words, you are not alone—both today and with those that have come before you exist a great cloud of witnesses to inspire you along the way. In their wake, they have left many resources, including these books for worship leaders that can be pertinent to worship today.

Speaking of old, learning how and why biblical worship occurred and how Protestant traditions developed will enrich your modern worship context greatly. Why? The Church has been around for a couple millennia which means we should have a thoughtful, humble, and expectant approach to how the church worships today. Included on this list of books for worship leaders are a couple classics on discipleship as it relates to worship. If we believe worship is important, should we not also understand as worship leaders what a transformed life actually looks like? (more…)

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The Ultimate Guide to Doing Church Sound for Worship – Part 2

Ultimate Church Sound Guide

As promised in our Ultimate Guide to Church Sound for Worship Part 1, here’s part 2!  We will continue our discussion of what churches need to consider in their quest for sound systems that perform well. We’ll talk about monitors and loudspeakers, dynamics processors and equalizers and simple recording set-ups. Enjoy! (more…)

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