6 Areas of Quality Your Church Should Focus On


Quality management is not a new concept to many industries. As far back as the 13th century, there were established models for managing and improving product quality. A discipline that started in manufacturing migrated to service industries such as hospitality, hotels, and healthcare.

As these industries embrace quality concepts, we as consumers develop higher expectations for positive, error-free service experiences. Whether it’s a product free from defects or services that are customer-friendly and offer ease of use, we’re constantly raising the bar. Continue reading “6 Areas of Quality Your Church Should Focus On” »

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Top 10 Christian Authors of All Time


Ever since Moses, Christians have been writing books. These books have been written in stone, on papyrus, and in codices. They’ve been stored in scrolls, museums, and Amazon’s cloud. They’ve been read in catacombs, monasteries, churches, and subways. They have incited revolutions, sparked reform, and hit the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Culture and the world at large have been shaped by Christian authors. Continue reading “Top 10 Christian Authors of All Time” »

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Microphones


Keeping audio gear maintained is a crucial part of any audio engineers job description. Clearing the dust from amp filters, fixing cables and the like. One thing most church techs forget about is cleaning and maintaining their microphones. There have been times I’ve consulted at a church, tested their microphones and been amazed how much gunk and honestly, the stench coming off of them. Let’s face it, we’re all human and sometimes we get coffee breath or forget to brush our teeth in the morning. Or sometimes you’ll have a guest speaker or vocalist who smokes cigarettes and the microphone will store up that smell over time that’s just unpleasant. But it’s our job to deal with it so let’s get to it! Continue reading “How to Clean and Maintain Your Microphones” »

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10 Questions Your Church Board Should Be Asking

1120Cross-board (1)

Governing boards are responsible for ensuring that the organization fulfills its core mission. This is done by developing strategy, monitoring performance and ensuring financial viability. To do this, the board should have an annual review of the organization and ask some tough questions that are intended to stir thought and steer decision making and planning. 10 Questions a Church Board Should be Asking Itself

Continue reading “10 Questions Your Church Board Should Be Asking” »

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Sharefaith Music Spotlight – Daniel Bashta & John Mark McMillan

Music spotlight 2

Sharefaith Music Spotlight is back! In this revamped rendition of this music series, we will be looking at Christian albums that we’re listening to, new and old. This will be a compilation of old Christian classics, new releases, trending titles and even some underground/unheard of artists. In today’s music spotlight, we will be featuring two new 2015 albums by Daniel Bashta and John Mark McMillan’s new album with his wife, Sarah. Continue reading “Sharefaith Music Spotlight – Daniel Bashta & John Mark McMillan” »

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Here’s Your Beginners Guide to Audio Compression


There are fewer tools more mysterious and complicated to an audio engineer than a compressor. A lot of inexperienced engineers can apply a compressor with the wrong settings and end up making everything sound worse. One thing is for sure, if you don’t understand how a compressor works, you can never master the use of one. Before I start I’d like to say that no two audio engineers agree 100% on the proper use of a compressor. It’s my hope that in giving you the definitions and functions of each part of the compressor, it will help you come to your own formulation of how you would like to deploy one. Continue reading “Here’s Your Beginners Guide to Audio Compression” »

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6 Things a Guest Will Evaluate While Visiting Your Church


Most people will visit a church several times before making a decision to call that church home. The challenge lies in the reality that visitors can sneak in and out without anyone even knowing they were there. Someone once said that a visitor will make a decision about a church long before the pastor begins to speak.  If this is true, what is the visitor evaluating in the process?


Continue reading “6 Things a Guest Will Evaluate While Visiting Your Church” »

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How to Get Volunteers To Work Like They’re Staff


I have very few hang-ups about volunteering (I’ll get to those later), it’s just that my schedule is so full already it’s hard to find the time to do the essentials, let alone add more things to the “to do” list. Between laundry, meals, cleaning, keeping up with independent and high energy boys, and trying to at least appear pulled together by the time my husband comes home, it exhausts me to even think about bringing on any other duty and devotion. But still it’s there, my desire to serve in some capacity and in some way that will really be effective. I have my excuses, and they’re legit; furthermore, I’m certain I am not alone. The question is how can ministry leaders filter through the various objections to serve and come up with a volunteer plan that is truly effective? Here are a few thoughts. Continue reading “How to Get Volunteers To Work Like They’re Staff” »

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Top 10 Christian Based Financial Help Organizations


The top Christian financial organizations that comprise this list show one or more of the following attributes: wide-spread influence, contemporary website, continued and current activity, and relevant services and resources. This list of financial services companies considers a wide range of categories including personal, business and management financial advice; frugal and content living; Christian-based boot camps and series courses; credit help; and financial services network memberships and accreditation. Read the Top 10 Christian Based Financial Help Organizations.

Continue reading “Top 10 Christian Based Financial Help Organizations” »

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How to Properly EQ Your Pastors Mic


One of the biggest hurdles for a church tech is how to set up a microphone for a pastor. I know many seasoned audio engineers who work in full-time ministry that still have this as an Achilles heel. There is a fine balance that you need to achieve between making the pastor sound natural while also maximizing gain before feedback. Here are some tips and tricks I use every Sunday to make my pastors sound great. Continue reading “How to Properly EQ Your Pastors Mic” »

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