Build Courage Through Faith


Because we are surrounded by the physical, it is much easier to acknowledge being subject to its laws and limitations than it is to contemplate the spiritual clash of powers going on behind the scenes. But it is in this realm that battles are actually won or lost. Courage against a giant does not come from fortifying an arsenal with mere physical assets. The battle is always the Lord’s and we have been prescribed the tactical knowledge and resources to give us the ability to see the unseen with certainty, to have great authority against forces of evil, and to continue in hope even when the physical evidence shows something contrary. The highest level of courage can only be obtained if our confidence is in something or someone greater than our enemies and much greater than ourselves. Continue reading “Build Courage Through Faith” »


2nd Chance Easter Sale – Save 20% on All Memberships


Surprise! Last week our Easter sale was a major success, but because we know ministry teams are so busy during this final week and that there might be last minute changes, we are offering a 2nd chance, 4-day sale! Starting today, get 20% off any Sharefaith membership, and 15% of our worship presentation software, Sharefaith Presenter. If you missed out last week, make sure you don’t miss this rare 2nd opportunity to get your church website, 55k graphics, and hosting for 20% off! See the Easter sale now




What We’re Here For: Preaching the Resurrection

Preaching the resurrection is the thing we do every Sunday more or less, is it not? The entire Christian life is a direct result of the resurrection of Christ. All of our work as pastors focuses on teaching people to live in the resurrection reality. All grief management, discipleship encouragement, judgment warning and instruction in righteousness grows directly from the fact that Jesus Christ has inaugurated the New Age in the midst of the Old Age.

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6 Terrible Reasons to Leave the Church

This topic is addressed to believers who are regular church-goers; those who have made a commitment to a particular church family. It seems these days dedication to a church body tracks pretty closing with the life cycle of today’s marriages. Too many join up with a community of other believers – with like passions, goals, and vision – but the moment needs aren’t met and things start to sour, it’s time to quit, citing irreconcilable differences. The metaphor isn’t perfect, because let’s face it, there are far more legitimate reasons to leave a church than to leave a marriage. But I think it helps illustrate the general lack of commitment dominating today’s culture. Below are six reasons that are not good enough to call it quits on your church. Continue reading “6 Terrible Reasons to Leave the Church” »


Spiritual Formation or Superficial Ritualization?

One of the hardest aspects of pastoring is riding with the Lord’s people (including ourselves) through our tumultuous struggle toward spiritual maturity. Any experienced minister knows the frustration of seeking to direct a disciple or a group toward loyalty to the Lord, only to watch helplessly as they flame out and crash. I think this is why so many of us subtly (or not) shift the foundation of our preaching from who Christ is and what he did, to who we are and what we must do. We change our emphasis from the gospel to character development out of frustration with the “slow growth” we seem to see. To do this we apply “less grace” in an attempt to elicit more obvious compliance. But bare compliance is not discipleship. Pastoral work degenerates into behavior modification. This is a huge mistake. Grace is what actually transforms character in a real Christian. And the real Christians are, after all, the ones the Lord charged us to nourish (Jn.21:15-18; Acts 20:28). Forcing goats to obey rules does not turn them into sheep. This is not to say that pastors should never be direct and forthright to the Lord’s people on moral issues. But the pastor’s theology must be clear on how spiritual formation actually takes place. Continue reading “Spiritual Formation or Superficial Ritualization?” »


6 Tips To Invite People To Your Easter Church Service

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” The evangelistic element of the Resurrection Day celebration places an emphasis on the word “world”. Romans 10:14 states “How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” It is the objective of Easter Sunday to declare the hope that is found in the death and resurrection of Jesus. I have no doubt that you have put a great deal of effort into maximizing the impact through the Word and song, now let’s consider ways to draw people to this well-planned presentation of redemption. Continue reading “6 Tips To Invite People To Your Easter Church Service” »


Sharefaith’s 5th Annual Easter Sale – 1 Week Only!


It’s HERE! Sharefaith’s 5th annual Easter Sale is now available for 1 week only. You work really hard in your church and ministry because outreach and discipleship are so important. Your passion to share God’s Word is the highest calling and something to be proud of. Apart from growing your church through outreach, we know you want to see lives change; that is why we created our combined website, media and presentation resources to help you get there.


From April 3rd – 11th, enjoy a massive 25% discount when you renew your Website Complete membership! Still on the website monthly plan? Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a yearly plan and receive unlimited media downloads, and save $213.75 annually! We’ve also discounted Sharefaith Presenter 15% and have dropped the upgrade price to only $49! See the Easter Sale now!



Three Things You’re Forgetting to do in Your Easter Preparation

For most churches, Easter is a really busy time. Easter Sunday is usually the best-attended service of the year. It’s the day where there is the most preparation, most planning, and most anticipation. Pastor unleashes his best sermon. The choir delivers a top-notch performance. And even the kids with angel wings strapped on their backs are on their best behavior.


Maybe you’re not doing the whole kids-in-angel-wings thing. And maybe you’re not even having a choir number. But whatever you’re doing, I’m sure that Easter is a pretty big deal for your church. After all, the resurrection is the focal point of our faith! The resurrection is the very reason, according to Paul, that we have anything to believe in at all (1 Corinthians 15:14).


So, with all the busyness, rehearsals, planning, media preparation, and organizational meetings, are we forgetting anything? Yes, you might be.

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6 Tips for Managing Church Facilities

Managing a church facility is very similar to managing any other type of building or campus. The only difference being churches often use volunteer labor to help get the job done. This approach provides volunteers with opportunities to give back to the ministry and allows the church to maintain its campus with a limited church budget.

Churches can be very busy campuses with activities going on almost daily.  Whether it is Sunday morning services, Wednesday night bible studies or a Saturday afternoon wedding – there is always something going on. This constant use of facilities requires coordination, planning and scheduling to ensure all responsibilities are taken care of.

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Why Young and Old Church Leaders Might Clash

Sometimes, young leaders make stupid mistakes. Sometimes, more senior leaders shake their heads in dismay, wishing that these foolish young leaders would just listen, learn, and quit being so bullheaded. There are times, however, when young leaders take unfair heat from older leaders because of generational misunderstandings.

This article attempts to explain the tension from the perspective of misunderstandings that older leaders might have towards younger leaders. The broad brush strokes used are not an attempt to stereotype “young” or “old,” but to sort out some misunderstandings that might arise.

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