Sharefaith is the premier provider of Christian mini movies, sermon videos, worship video backgrounds loops and church video announcements.

How to Download: Once you select your desired worship background slide you will see four download options: 1) MPEG4, 2) MPEG, 3) MVW and 4) M4V. All videos are 720 x 480, 30 fps.  Simply chose your desired video format, download to your desktop/ hard drive. You may then use the video with your desired media software.

Quality: All videos are 720 x 480, 30 fps, ultra-crisp, and presented in full screen format.

Which format should I choose? If you are using a Mac computer with QuickTime, then MPEG4 or MPEG1 are the best options. If you are using a PC, WMV is your best option, although MPEG1 is also compatible with Windows Media Player. M4V is a mobile video version, providing you with the option of transferring the video to your mobile device.

Compatibility: Our videos are compatible with all leading presentation and church media software, including Keynote, ProPresenter, Media Shout, Easy Worship, SSP, and more. If you do not have any of these programs, you can simply download the video and play it using whatever standard media player you do have.

Video file size: For projection purposes, we ensure that each video meets the highest standard and is of superior image quality. This means that the video file sizes will be larger than normal PowerPoint presentations, bulletins, or other images. If you do not have a fast Internet connection, please be aware that downloading the videos will take some time.

When to use: Churches use our Worship Intro Videos such as welcome video loops and special event announcement videos before the start of the service. Many churches use the videos for a specific event such as communion, baptism, or an offering collection. Our worship video background loops are best used during the worship service, as a backdrop on which song lyrics are displayed. The church/sermon videos are mini movies with a message. These are best used at the beginning or end of the sermon or service as an enhancement to the message. These church music videos usually celebrate a special event or deliver a specific message. Thus, they can serve as a stand-alone mini sermon.

How to edit the videos: To add text to our worship video backgrounds or to create your own unique video, you can use our any video editing software such as Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Studio, Final Cut Pro, Cyberlink Power Director, Corel Video Studio, Adobe Premier, Magic Movie Edit Pro, or Pinnacle Studio.

Using our video on your church website: You can use any of Sharefaith’s videos on your church website. Using the above video editing software, you will have to recompress the video files to shrink their overall size, and then encode them with any of the various available web video players. Since it is not permitted to upload our videos to YouTube, Vimeo or any other online video platform, you may not do so even in order to create an embedded version of the video for use on your website.

Sharefaith is the largest online provider of church video, christian video, worship loops, worship backgrounds, mini movies and inspirational sermon videos: View our collection now!

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37 Responses

  1. Corazon Taylor

    May be I don’t know how to load.

    C. Taylor

    • admin

      Dear Corazon,

      Only our Church Videos has sound. The worship backgrounds and video loops does not contain any sound. Make sure the video player you use to view the video on your computer has its volume enabled. Also check your sound settings in your operating system to make sure all is functioning properly. We thoroughly test our videos to make sure it functions right before releasing it to our members so this isolated issue appears to be on your end. Please try the recommendations above and let us know if it work out! We would be more than willing to help you with further assistance.

      Sharefaith Team

  2. Arnel

    How can I edit the video loop or put some text on the video? Where can I get the software for editing? Thank You. GOD bless you.

    • admin

      Hi Arnel,

      We just did a post on the brand new Office 2010 where PowerPoint 2010 was redesigned to give you editing capabilities on video and the option to place text over video. You can download a free BETA version of Office 2010 to test it out. It is fully functional and will work until end of October.

      If you do not want to use that you can use worship software programs like Easy Worship, Propresenter, Media Shout etc. All of these will give you the ability to put text over video. To edit the actual videos you will need video editing software like Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Studio, Adobe Premier. Of these Sony Vegas is the least expensive. In the end, the beauty of Sharefaith is, that we do the work for you. If you want new next, you simply download the Worship Background Video Loops and use PowerPoint 2010 or one of the Worship software packages to place text on the video.

      • Holly

        I have tried to use PowerPoint 2010 with the Worship videos but when I go to play the slide show the words disappear. I want to use the same video for a whole song do I need to create a slide for each verse or is there a way to continue with the same loop and just change the words. I know you can with easy worship but I’m not seeing how to with PowerPoit. Any suggestion?

  3. Sebastian

    Hi! I would use this videos just like it is, but they are in english, and our church speak spanish….Im interested in editing this videos because of this… is anything I can do about it?

    • admin


      Watch our blog in the coming weeks. We will be writing an article dedicate to just that. Hopefully all your questions will be answered there.
      In Jesus

      Sharefaith Team

  4. Bee


    I remember seeing a video of a son who was showing note cards with various words on them to his father in prison and in the end he wrote that he forgives his father. Do you know where the video went?

    Thank you,


    • admin

      Hello Bee,

      That is unfortunately not a video that was created on or for Sharefaith. It might have been with another Christian Media outlet.
      Sharefaith Team

  5. Brenda

    how do a get a video placed in powerpoint? Thanks

    • florida cracker

      I have office 97 (I know, why, right?) but it’s PPT does play video. Insert new slide, the auto layout will come up, scroll down to one that has video option (looks like a take one board). double click on the video area and select video. although I have only used wmv video with it.

  6. Darren

    How do you put lyrics over the top of the video backgrounds on powerpoint?


    • admin

      Right now, the only version of PowerPoint that allows you to do any video stuff is the newest version — Office 2010. Check out this article for more info.

  7. Teresa

    In regards to Brenda’s question on how to get a video into Power Point – you can do it with the older versions – not only with the new 2010. You just can’t lay text on top of it in the older versions. Click insert, click movie, then select your filename, and it will insert.

  8. Margie

    Why is my slide black when I insert a .wmv video into my slide until I double click on it?

    • admin

      Dear Margie,

      We will need a little more info to be able to help you out. What software are you using? PowerPoint? If so, what version of PowerPoint are you using? Only PPT 2010 fully supports video. Older version can play back video, especially WMV videos, but is not designed to use full video rendering capabilities. The video will appear black until you click on it, because PowerPoint does not have the ability to select a thumbnail frame from within the video to use as a screenshot for the entire video. When you play the actual WMV video file, it starts black and then the movie begins. This is what PowerPoint sees too. Video and Images works different within PowerPoint.

      What you can do is to create your own image screenshot in the same size as your video, place that in your slide, and make it click-enabled. Then you can link to the video hosted on your computer. This will them give the impression of a screenshot. If you have any other problems I would recommend you search on the MS PowerPoint website or just Google your question. Most likely someone else has run into a similar situation.

      Sharefaith Team

  9. Heather Pendleton

    I don’t think PowerPoint 2010 works for this purpose… You can get the words on top of the video but the video will not play with the words on top. While the video is playing it jumps to the front leaving the text hidden. I can’t find anyway to fix this… Has anyone actually had success with this that can share the secret???

  10. Max

    When the clips are used in my video, will they have your watermark?

  11. Chuck

    How can I add text to the video loop using PPT 2007? The text always goes “away”. How do I fix?! Help!

    • Hein

      Only PowerPoint 2010 supports text over video. You cannot do this with any of the older versions.

  12. Jim

    When I import a WAV video loop into PowerPoint 2003, I am not able to create a continuous loop. What’s the solution?

    • Hein

      Jim, Unfortunately your description is a bit vague. What are you trying to accomplish? What is the size of your Wav file? Are you using the Wav file as is or with video?

      Since Sharefaith does not offer any Wav files, I suggest the best solution would be to Google this question. I would also recommend using MP3 rather than Wav.

  13. Paula

    How do I get my video loop to continue looping? Using Keynote on a Mac.


    • admin

      Regarding Keynote videos looping:
      1. After inserting the video into the presentation, open Inspector (top menu, “i” icon, or click “view -> “show inspector.”
      2. Click on the “QuickTime Inspector” tab of your Inspector (far right button)
      3. Click movie clip to make its settings adjustable
      4. Under the “Repeat” drop down menu of your Inspector, select “Loop.”
      5. Click “Play” to test.

      • Jannie

        I have the same question on how to have my video loop to continue looping when part of a powerpoint presentation on pc. I use Powerpoint 2007. Can you help me?

      • admin

        Hello Jannie

        PowerPoint 2007 does not support text over video and its actual video capabilities is very limited. For optimal use I would recommend getting MediaShout which is made for churches and made for this very purpose.

        Sharefaith Team

    • admin

      We release fresh video series at least once a month, sometimes more often. Additional sermon videos are released around holidays, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

  14. Alex

    I used to use Office Powerpoint to play slides.

    Would you mind teach me how to play your co. mini video at the powerpoint ?

    • Hein

      Hi Alex,
      I am not sure I understand your request. Are you needing help in playing Sharefaith videos inside PowerPoint or a specific file format of video? Video is best used in the latest version of PowerPoint 2010. Simply import the media video into your slide and do a preview. By clicking your mouse or pressing Enter, the video will start playing.

  15. Claire Lin

    How do I insert the lyrics in my looping video? If the lyrics is too long, how do i keep the backgroud video looping and change the lyrics at the same time. Using Premiere. Thank you


    • admin

      Dear Claire Lin

      Your question has been asked by thousands of folks around the world, and the true answer is that PowerPoint is not the best program to use for video. It is best used for displaying PowerPoint Presentations. In their latest offering, MS PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft tried to branch out to incorporate video capabilities, but still their product is not geared towards churches that want to use repeated loops with lyrics on top.

      For this purpose I would recommend you obtain a copy of MediaShout which was created for this very purposes. You will not be disappointed. It plays slideshows, video, music and can incorporate bible text.

      Stay tuned to the site, as Sharefaith is going to bring you the best solution for this very need. We are working on it right now!

      Sharefaith Team

  16. Melinda

    I am having trouble using your motion backgrounds in MediaShout. When I use the background, as soon as the loop reaches the end of the first 30 seconds, it freezes up mediashout and will not allow me to advance to the next frame. After several seconds, it unfreezes and restarts the loop, but this left me without the last 2 phrases of a song on the screen this Sunday, which was rather embarrassing. What can I do to correct this?

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