Sharefaith is the premier provider of Christian mini movies, sermon videos, worship video backgrounds loops and church video announcements.

How to Download: Once you select your desired worship background slide you will see four download options: 1) MPEG4, 2) MPEG, 3) MVW and 4) M4V. All videos are 720 x 480, 30 fps.  Simply chose your desired video format, download to your desktop/ hard drive. You may then use the video with your desired media software.

Quality: All videos are 720 x 480, 30 fps, ultra-crisp, and presented in full screen format.

Which format should I choose? If you are using a Mac computer with QuickTime, then MPEG4 or MPEG1 are the best options. If you are using a PC, WMV is your best option, although MPEG1 is also compatible with Windows Media Player. M4V is a mobile video version, providing you with the option of transferring the video to your mobile device.

Compatibility: Our videos are compatible with all leading presentation and church media software, including Keynote, ProPresenter, Media Shout, Easy Worship, SSP, and more. If you do not have any of these programs, you can simply download the video and play it using whatever standard media player you do have.

Video file size: For projection purposes, we ensure that each video meets the highest standard and is of superior image quality. This means that the video file sizes will be larger than normal PowerPoint presentations, bulletins, or other images. If you do not have a fast Internet connection, please be aware that downloading the videos will take some time.

When to use: Churches use our Worship Intro Videos such as welcome video loops and special event announcement videos before the start of the service. Many churches use the videos for a specific event such as communion, baptism, or an offering collection. Our worship video background loops are best used during the worship service, as a backdrop on which song lyrics are displayed. The church/sermon videos are mini movies with a message. These are best used at the beginning or end of the sermon or service as an enhancement to the message. These church music videos usually celebrate a special event or deliver a specific message. Thus, they can serve as a stand-alone mini sermon.

How to edit the videos: To add text to our worship video backgrounds or to create your own unique video, you can use our any video editing software such as Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Studio, Final Cut Pro, Cyberlink Power Director, Corel Video Studio, Adobe Premier, Magic Movie Edit Pro, or Pinnacle Studio.

Using our video on your church website: You can use any of Sharefaith’s videos on your church website. Using the above video editing software, you will have to recompress the video files to shrink their overall size, and then encode them with any of the various available web video players. Since it is not permitted to upload our videos to YouTube, Vimeo or any other online video platform, you may not do so even in order to create an embedded version of the video for use on your website.

Sharefaith is the largest online provider of church video, christian video, worship loops, worship backgrounds, mini movies and inspirational sermon videos: View our collection now!

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