Church Video Getting Started

So you’re ready to use worship video loops in your church. Where do you start? What do you need to get worship video loops into your service? Here’s your simple, quick-start guide to start using worship video loops.

  1. Obtain the right hardware.
    If you don’t already have it, you’re going to need some hardware. There are two basics pieces of equipment you will need. First, you need a computer. Since you’re reading this article on a computer, it’s most likely that you have a computer available for using for worship video loops. A laptop is preferred, since portability is best for auditorium setup and/or proximity to your data projector. Be sure that the computer you are using has enough speed to play videos and manage medium to large media files. Second, you will need a data projector. The standard data projector is the tool that displays the media from your computer to a screen or blank wall where people can see it. All Pro Sound, a retail company that serves thousands of churches, is one of the best places to purchase a data projector that will work well for your church.
    1. Get the right software.

Second, you’ll need the right kind of software to display, edit, and customize worship video loops for your use. Many churches use standard software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Mac Keynote for their church video loops. Although this type of software works, it is not ideal for worship video loops. We recommend Media Shout, powerful church media software that is customized for churches, easy to learn how to use, and affordable for most church budgets.

    1. Use Sharefaith.

Finally, you’ll need something to display. Most churches do not have video editors or graphic designers on staff, so you’ll need a solution that is affordable, easy to use, and providing the best in christian media and church video loops. Sharefaith is the ideal solution. At only $149 for a yearlong subscription, you’ll have all your church media in a single location. Church video loops and Christian videos are our specialty. Start browsing the collection now, or start your membership.

That’s it. Just three simple steps to having powerful church video loops in your church service. Once you start using church video loops, you’ll find a huge variety of uses for them. Keep reading the church video article series to learn more.

Largest selection. Lowest price. Best quality. Using Sharefaith is a no-brainer.

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