Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays throughout the year. It’s especially significant for Christians because it is a day to remember the victory of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s also important because it’s a great opportunity to share the gospel. That’s because Easter is the most-attended church service each year. To get even more people to show up, use church graphics to help promote your Easter services. The more people who attend your worship service, the more who will hear the message of the gospel clearly communicated through the resurrection story.

Many people receive things better visually. That’s why Easter church graphics are an important way to let people know what is coming up. They can tie your entire service together with one cohesive theme. From bulletin layouts, sermon title graphics, church motion graphics, worship backgrounds, and more, having a theme revolving around Easter can help set the mood.

Check out how your marketing or communications team can use church media to help promote your Easter services.

Choose Your Easter Media

When it comes to using graphics, you’ll want to choose a theme that aligns with what your church is planning for Easter. Thankfully, Sharefaith Media’s got you covered! We have thousands of graphics, many of which were created specifically for Easter. Browse to find media that matches your tone and feel.

The great thing is that you can customize the designs for your church. Our online design tool allows you to create and download JPEGs, PowerPoints, and customizable Photoshop files. Have something specific in mind? We also offer custom designs and videos.


Invite During Service/At Church

Once you’ve got your Easter media theme picked out, start announcing your Easter services during church before the actual holiday. Put a slide on the screen and have somebody share all the details. Remind people to invite family and friends. Include the graphic in a video announcement or use one of our mini-movies to draw interest and promote your Easter services.

Having media to accompany announcements helps bring attention to what is being said. People are more likely to remember the information if a picture or design accompanies it.

Update Your Website

This may seem obvious, but we’ll remind you just in case. Don’t forget to update your website with your Easter service details—such as date, times, and location. You should have a section directly on your homepage for new visitors to find the information easily.

You should also create an Easter-specific landing page. It can have an Easter-themed website banner to tie in with your other media so the branding remains consistent. Then, include everything from service to details to additional services, like Good Friday, to Easter egg hunts or children’s activities. Since there are many new visitors at Easter, you might also include some information on what people can expect.

Share Easter on Social

Use beautiful social media graphics to tell people about the celebration. Using your social media channels, you can create posts and ads that direct visitors to your Easter landing page or blog posts on your church website. Engage your social media followers with visuals that catch attention and provide a snippet that gives basic information. Then include a link to your Easter landing page where they can find out more.

Use Sharefaith Designer to easily create and share social media graphics that will engage your followers. Make sure to provide clear calls to action from your posts, with links to learn more, sign up for events, or even just encourage others to share and tag others in your posts to increase reach and engagement.

Email Marketing/Mass Communication

Don’t forget about sending email updates to your members. You can include your church graphics to promote your Easter services to regular attendees and occasional visitors. Many people have to see and/or hear about something multiple times before they’ll make a decision to commit to it (either buying or attending, etc.). So reaching people through multiple avenues, like announcements, social media, and email will help create those touchpoints.

You can have an Easter-specific email or include the most important info in your church’s eNewsletter. Or both! Encourage people to forward the email to others who might be interested. Include your church’s social media icons, too, so they can follow along for updates.

Here are some church email tips to help with your email marketing.

Involve Your Community

One great marketing tool is to encourage church members to get involved with the promotion! Encourage them to share the posts on social media, forward the marketing emails, and simply ask their friends and family to come.

You can print your Easter church graphics on flyers or cardstock and use them as invitations for the congregation to hand out to others. So often people are just waiting for somebody to invite them to church. Having a card to hand to them makes it easy to invite and all the information is right there.


Church Graphics for Your Easter Services

Though Easter is an incredible time of year full of hope, we understand that it can get a little hectic for churches that are planning to host a great service. Sharefaith can make it easier on your team with beautiful church media specifically designed for Easter!

Start your free trial today and get immediate access to a curated assortment of ShareFaith media. It includes sermon graphics, social content, worship media and videos, and print-ready designs. Plus, receive additional new items emailed to you during the free trial.