One of the most versatile and handy tricks in worship videos today is something called the video loop. Here, we explain what a video loop is and how to use it.

What Is a Church Video Loop?
A church video loop is a short-length church video that is designed to cycle continuously, playing over and over again. Some church video loops will cycle in such a way that you are not able to detect the start/end point of the video. Other church video loops will fade out at the end and fade back in at the beginning to provide a seamless loop for playback.

Ways to Use a Church Video Loop
Most worship software is designed to work seamlessly with church video loops. The constantly looping video cycle is easily overlaid with text and lyrics. In other presentation software, worship loops are still easy to use, but they require a bit more work. Here are some of the most common ways that church video loops are used.

Examples of Church Video Loops

  • Flower Welcome Church Loop.  In this church video loop, a welcome message is displayed on the screen. The loop lasts f thirty seconds, but can be looped repeatedly to keep the welcome message going. You may download this particular welcome video in HD (MP4) or in MP$-HD without text.
  • First Time Guests Church Video Loop. To welcome first time guests to your church, this church video loop provides a warm greeting. The message reads, “Stay a while after the service. We would love to meet you.”
  • Communion Video. If your church is celebrating the Lord’s supper on a given Sunday, you can use this church video loop to announce the event.
  • Church Offerings Christian Video Loop. Rather than display a blank screen during your church offering time, display this attractive church video loop, with the title, “Tithes & Offerings.”
  • Small Groups Video Splash Screen Loop. You don’t need a team of video designers to display stunning church video loops for every occasion. Here is a church video loop featuring a small group Bible study title. You can use it to preface an announcement regarding your small group meeting times, or to promote the ministry to those who may be unaware of it.
  • Prayer Christian Video Loop. Having a prayer meeting? There’s a church video loop for that, too. This attractive video loop displays an image of hands in prayer.

For more information on using church video loops, read a brief tutorial.

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