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What makes a good worship background video? How do you know if your church worship background videos are really up to par? Here, we explain some of the best types of worship background videos, including examples of worship background videos that distinguish themselves as the best in their class.

It’s a bit difficult to create a hard-and-fast list of rules for the best worship background videos. Every church is different, and a worship background video that works in one setting may flop in another setting. Much of determining the best worship video for your church will come from understanding and responding to your church culture. Nonetheless, there are a few guidelines that we have observed as defining the best worship background videos.

Features of a successful worship background videos

  • A good worship background video is not distracting. Church videos can be fun and easy to create, not to mention enjoyable to use in worship. But, fun as they are, they ought not to be distracting. A worship background video that has excessive movement, garish designs, or curious images will not enhance your worship; instead, they may be distracting.
  • A good worship background video provides visual boundaries. A worship background video is intended to focus people’s attention upon the worship lyrics. To this end, good worship background videos have “visual boundaries,” somewhat like subtle borders. Whether it’s darkened edges or a visual focal point near the side or center of the background video, the worship video makes it obvious where you’re supposed to look.
  • A good worship background video features space for lyrics. The whole point of a worship background video is to display worship lyrics. Thus, a worship background video has plenty of space for adding your worship lyrics. This feature must not be overlooked. Nothing is worse than having to strain one’s eyes in order to see the text, either because it’s too small, too light, or too dark.

Examples of good worship background videos

Perhaps the best way to understand the best types of worship background videos is to see examples of the best worship background videos. Featured in this article are three. We also feature links to worship background video categories, allowing you to see dozens more professional worship background videos, each featuring excellent designs and worship video best practices.

Abstract Worship Background Videos

Example of a great abstract worship background video:

The abstract worship motion video pictured above is neither distracting nor ostentatious, but it does present an attention-grabbing background for worship lyrics. Blue streaks of color flow slowly across the screen. The worship background video presents slow movement and an abstract design with appealing colors.

Worshipper Background Videos

Sharefaith’s collection of worshipper background videos are among the most popular on the site. These videos feature videos of people in worship. Worshipper videos usually display colored backgrounds, and an image of a person or group of people in worship. These worship background videos help to evoke reverence and worshipful atmosphere in worship services.

View a collection of Christian Worship Video Loops.

Example of a great worshipper background video:

This video, the Hands of Worship Video Background, displays a group of worshippers with arms raised. The upper portion of the video functions as an area to place your worship lyrics. Swirling motion and spinning rays provide great visual movement. The hands and arms of the worshippers wave slowly, giving you a non-distracting movement for the lower border.

Nature scenery background videos.

Example of a great nature background video for worship:

Nature Worship Video

In the Nature Worship Video Loop, mountain majesty meets stunning video quality. Available in HD, the video displays a mountain range with clouds moving in the sky. To maintain the video as a great worship background, the overall coloring and tint has been adjusted, allowing it to clearly display worship lyrics while at the same time, keeping the picture quality clear.

  • The Sky Video Loops collection features eighteen of the best nature background videos, with videos of the sky.
  • Nature Motion Loop Videos is a powerful collection of nature scenes for worship background videos.

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