Why Church Video?

You’ve probably read about worship videos, seen a few worship videos, and maybe even downloaded a free worship video background. But let’s ask the question:  why use worship videos? Are worship videos worth it? Relevant? Convenient? Cost-effective? Let’s explain some of the reasons why church videos are the way to go for churches today.

  1. Worship videos engage interest. When a worship video appears on a church screen, people are going to look at it. You’ve got their interest right away. It’s just that simple. Although still worship backgrounds are fine, there is far more attention-grabbing power with a motion video loop. A great example of the interest-grabbing videos is the Youth Ministry Worship Video collection.
  2. Worship videos prevent eye death. Have you ever found yourself staring at a screen, thinking that at any moment, your eyes are going to die? Maybe it’s just me, but I find that if I stare at stark, still PowerPoint backgrounds, my eyes are going to do something awful. Thankfully, Sharefaith’s still worship backgrounds aren’t that bad, but worship videos circumvent this whole problem. By featuring continual motion, they produce a level of interest that is pleasing to the eyes. This helps to focus attention on the content of your worship video.
  3. Worship videos are easy to use. When you think of “worship videos,” one of the first objections you may have is, “Oh no, I’m not tech-savvy at all. Worship videos are not for me.” Or you may wonder, “Hmm. Sounds kind of complicated. I doubt that our church secretary will want to learn how to use these things.” Concerns allayed! Worship videos from Sharefaith are shockingly simple to use. Check out a quick tutorial on the how-to of church videos.
  4. Worship videos make full use of the church’s media resources. Your simple, run-of-the-mill data projector can do so much more than just project song lyrics. It can do videos, too. If you have a projector and are going to use it, you might as well put it to its highest potential. Church videos allow a church projector to be used to its maximum. Also, if you’re a Sharefaith member, your membership provides access to hundreds of worship videos at no extra cost. Might as well use it!
  5. Worship videos provide variety in worship. We can so easily be lulled into the same-ol, same-ol approach to worship. Church videos provide variety. While there is nothing inherently wrong with tradition or routine, there is also a refreshing power to introducing variety. By using a variety of worship videos, you can redeem your church media from the rut of routine. See just what we mean by variety!
  6. Worship videos allow for creativity in worship. Creativity is important. God has given us as humans the ability to think creatively and worship creatively, within biblical parameters. Worship videos are one outlet for this kind of biblical creativity.
  7. Worship videos provide a forum for showcasing excellent communication. Our role in producing and using media is not about impressing others, but it is about doing the best we can. Remember, the goal is worship—ascribing to God glory and worth. Our role is to provide a setting for this worship to take place. Worship videos are one teeny tiny part of a much bigger picture. But they are part of the picture. And worship videos are one of the best ways to provide this setting for worship.
  8. Worship videos are cost-effective. Now when I say “cost-effective,” a disclaimer is in order. Other church video providers offer a pay-per-download model. The cost for a single worship video background may be as low as $7, but it could be as high as $15 or $20—even higher if you download in HD. You do the math. In a single service, if you use a variety of videos, backgrounds, or mini movies, you could be paying over $100. Ouch! Sharefaith’s model is a membership-based model. What this means is that you have complete access to thousands (and we mean thousands) of Christian designs, including worship videos, worship video backgrounds, welcome video loops, mini movies, church countdown timers, holiday video loops, sermon videos, and tons tons tons more. Oh, and with Sharefaith, we’ve got HD Christian videos at no extra charge. You don’t even have to pay a cent more for unlimited sermon PowerPoints, church bulletins, church flyers, church newsletters, etc. With the membership price currently at $149, you’ve got a no-brainer deal. Now, you see why we say “cost-effective” worship videos, with the disclaimer. Sharefaith has the lowest price on worship videos that you will find anywhere in the world. Join now.

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