Using Sharefaith’s collection of Christian videos, you can totally transform your church’s media experience. Now, rather than featuring videos as a only-once-in-awhile event, church loops can be used basically all the time. Here’s your quick-start guide to using church loops throughout the service. 

Church loops are just as easy to use, if not easier than still backgrounds.

First off, keep in mind that church videos aren’t a whole lot different than other types of projected media that you may use. They may take a bit longer to download, but that’s about it. For example, using a worship video background for your worship lyrics requires only as much setup as a worship still background would take. With other types of church loops, there is even less setup and prep time, since the text is already provided for you.

Obviously, we have nothing against still backgrounds. After all, we annually produce hundreds of stunning still backgrounds. They have a place, but they should be balanced out by a proportionate use of church video loops. Church loops add that extra zing–a bit of interest, pizzazz, motion, and modern flair to keep people interested and engaged.

Here is how you can use church loops for maximum effectiveness all throughout a church service.

Church Loops Before the Service

Use church loops to welcome people into the service.
This is easy. Just download a relevant Welcome Video Loop, and you’re ready to go. Welcome videos are attractively-designed video loops that display a welcome message and greeting.

Use church loops to display announcements.
You can use a church worship video background to use as a backdrop for your announcements, too. Simply use the video as you would a PowerPoint background, and overlay your text or other information. Read a quick how-to guide on how to add text to a video loop.

Use church loops to announce an event in the service or a Christian holiday.
Celebrating an event or Christian holiday? The Christian Video LoopsSeasonal Video Loops and Holiday Video Loops are perfect for this kind of occasion. Usually, these video loops can be used as-is, but depending on the church loop, you can add your own custom text, too.

Use church loops to display verses.
Nature church loops like this one are perfect for displaying verses for meditation before the service.

Use church countdown timers.
Obviously, you’ll want to count down to your service start time, too. We’ve got videos for that, too!

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