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Get all the information you’ve ever wanted on church movies, church videos, worship video loops, and mini movies. Also, featuring free worship video backgrounds!

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What Is a Church Video Loop?

One of the most versatile and handy tricks in worship videos today is something called the video loop. Here, we explain what a video loop is and how to use it.... Read More...
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Tips for Using Christian Videos

For all the great benefits of using Christian videos, some warnings, tips, and suggestions are in order. It can be easy to be so excited about all these great Christian video loops that you overlook some pote... Read More...
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Types of Church Videos

When using church videos, you're faced with a great array of options as to what kind of church videos you can use. We've made it simple for you by featuring here the main types of church videos and explaini... Read More...
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The Place of Christian Video in a Church

Want to light a match among worship leaders, pastors, youth ministers, and media directors? Bring up the topic of using videos in a church service. Yeah, it's pretty controversial. It's important to clarify... Read More...
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Why Use Worship Videos?

You've probably read about worship videos, seen a few worship videos, and maybe even downloaded a free worship video background. But let's ask the question:  why use worship videos? Are worship videos worth... Read More...
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Free Worship Video Backgrounds

With our new series on church videos, we want to provide you with free worship video backgrounds so you can get a feel for high-quality church videos. An average Google search for "free worship video backgrou... Read More...
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Do Churches Use Worship Videos?

It seems that a lot of things that churches do or don't do are more bandwagon issues than the result of careful, Scriptural thinking. Worship videos are kind of like that. Rather than think about the purpos... Read More...

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