One of the most important callings in the church is that of our children’s Sunday School teachers. Without the persistent dedication of these men and women every week, providing Sunday School lessons for kids, the future generations would have very little help and guidance to know of God and His plan for His children. While being a Sunday School teacher may mean that you don’t usually get to see all of the fruits of your labors, it is important to keep in mind that children are like sponges and even though they may not retain everything we say, you never know which parts will be remembered, so every lesson needs to count.

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Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids Ministry & VBS

Here are the top things to think about when preparing your Sunday School curriculum for kids:

  • Is it God-centered?: Nowadays, it is more often than not that the kids Sunday school lessons will focus around the human characters in a children’s Bible story or a moral lesson. The Bible is the Word of God and was written so that we may come to know God and His plan for humanity. Make sure that your kids Sunday school lessons don’t spend too much time and energy on the people or moral lessons and instead, put the focus on God and His goodness.
  • Will your students understand it?: While everyone has different comprehension levels, it is best to make sure that the curriculum and study materials you work with are suitable for their age group. This means being mindful of which translations of the Bible to use and what subject matter your Sunday School lessons for kids will be about.
  • Will it stick with them?: In today’s age, people are audio/visual learners and visual elements in your study have been proven to dramatically increase your lesson’s retention rate in the minds of your students. Whether or not you like the idea of using visual elements, it ultimately comes down to how you can do the most for your students to see that they receive and retain what you’re trying to teach them.

Here are a list of the top 100 Sunday School lessons for kids to consider when planning your children’s Bible studies:

UPDATE: This list now has OVER 100 lessons!!! We’ll keep adding new ones over time to keep things fresh!

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The Creation Story: Genesis 1-2

The Creation Story is a classic kids Bible lesson. Where else better to start your Sunday School curriculum than with Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God…” To come closer to God, we must first come to know of God and recognize that all that we know and observe was created by God, Himself. Take time with your students to establish this foundational truth so that they can come to faith in God and seek to know Him as their Creator. Explore the Creation Story further.

The Fall of Man: Genesis 3

The Fall of Man Sunday School lesson asks and answers some very important questions: Why is there evil in the world? Why do we need Jesus to be our Lord and Savior? In Genesis 3, the account of “the Fall of Man” is integral to understanding why our world has been corrupted by sin and why it is necessary to put our faith in Jesus and follow Him. All kids need to know this Bible story in order to understand God’s redemptive plan for man and why Jesus needs to be in their life. Explore the Fall of Man further.

Cain & Abel: Genesis 4

The story of Cain and Abel shows us the awful curse of sin as it touches the lives of two brothers. In Genesis 4:1-16 we witness sin’s power to destroy as depicted in the tragic account of Cain and Abel. When we allow sin to take control and forsake love, the consequences are devastating. Any child with siblings will relate to a story about brothers at odds and why it’s so important to let their love for God be the center of all relationships. Explore the story of Cain and Abel further.

Noah’s Ark: Genesis 6-9

The timeless story of Noah’s Ark is a staple for all Sunday School classrooms. In Genesis 6-9, the account of the flood tells of the awful consequences of a world left to its own sinful desires, but also reminds us of the amazing grace of God and His promise to never flood the whole earth again. While Noah’s Ark is a famous kids Bible story that we can take for granted, it is still just as important and relevant to teach as ever in your kids Sunday School lessons. Explore the story of Noah’s Ark further.

The Tower of Babel: Genesis 11

The Tower of Babel kids Bible story comes from Genesis 11:1-9 and answers many historical questions for us as we grow and wonder why humanity is so widespread and diverse. Your kids Sunday school lessons should be careful to take some time explaining the events leading up to and coming after this event for your students so that they can hold to the Truths of God’s Word. Explore the Tower of Babel further.

The Story of Job: The Book of Job

The Story of Job is taken from what is considered to be the oldest written book of the Bible. In the Book of Job we find the account of a faithful man who lost everything when Satan wanted to turn him away from God. Job is a Bible story that is not often shared during kids Sunday School lessons, due to the melancholy story of poor Job and his trials. However, Job is a shining example of a righteous man who never lost his faith in God, despite what he went through. It is also a powerful example of God’s faith in those who worship Him with their whole heart. Explore the Story of Job further.

Sodom and Gomorrah: Genesis 18-19

The infamous account of Sodom and Gomorrah is told in Genesis 18-19 as the city is destroyed for its rampant sin. As a kids Bible story, Sodom and Gomorrah shows us how God deals with sin on a personal, as well as corporate, level and cities and nations are all subject to judgment for their actions, but His mercy extends to those who call on His name. Explore the story of Sodom and Gomorrah further.

Abraham and Isaac: Genesis 22

The story of Abraham and Isaac covers Abraham’s obedience to God and willingness to sacrifice his only son in Genesis 22. This kids Bible story is perhaps the most beautiful allusion to Christ found in the Old Testament. It is important to show during this Sunday School lesson for kids how God spared Abraham from sacrificing Isaac and provided the sacrifice, Himself, just as He would provide Christ as a sacrifice for our sins, thousands of years later. Explore Abraham and Isaac further.


Isaac and Rebekah: Genesis 24

While Isaac and Rebekah may be one of the Bible’s greatest love stories, the real focus of this story is the love of God for his people and his faithfulness to keep his promises. In Genesis 24 we read that Abraham, desiring to find a wife for his son Isaac, sends his servant Eliezer on a mission to a distant land. Led by the Lord, the servant meets the beautiful Rebekah. After hearing the servant’s story, Rebekah agrees to return with him and become the wife of Isaac. Ultimately these events were a fulfillment of God’s promise to make a great nation through the family of Abraham. We can always put our trust in the faithful promises of God! Explore the story of Isaac and Rebekah further.

The Story of Jacob and Esau: Genesis 25-27

The story of Jacob and Esau is another infamous tale of sibling rivalry, found in Genesis 25:19-34 and Genesis 27:1-46 sets the stage for Jacob’s blessing as the patriarch of the nation of Israel, God’s chosen people. This story shows Jacob’s humble beginnings and deceptive tactics to claim his older brother’s birthright and blessing as the leader of the family, which them leads to his fleeing for his life. This lesson shows kids the negative consequences of dishonesty, but also shows how God can turn bad situations into a necessary lesson and blessing. Explore the story of Jacob and Esau further.

Jacob Wrestles with God: Genesis 32

Jacob Wrestles with God is powerful Sunday School lesson about struggle and blessing. In Genesis 32, Jacob is wrestling with himself about returning home, where he fears that his brother is waiting for revenge. He encounters God and fights for His blessing, before returning home to find his brother, anxiously awaiting his arrival and offering forgiveness for their past. This Sunday School story for kids shows us the beauty of forgiveness and how God can overcome any situation that we feel worried about and is ready to bless us when we are ready to receive those blessings. Explore Jacob Wrestles with God further.

The Story of Joseph the Prince of Egypt: Genesis 37-50

The kids Bible story of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis 37-50 not only introduces us to the 12 patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel, but also shows the steadfast obedience of Joseph as he is enslaved and imprisoned, before eventually being elevated as a powerful ruler of Egypt. Joseph’s life has many wonderful stories that your kids Sunday School class can relate to and understand and his testimony sets a wonderful example for all of us to trust and obey God through even the darkest of times. Explore the Story of Joseph the Prince of Egypt further.

The Story of Baby Moses: Exodus 2

The Story of Baby Moses shows the origins of one of the best know figures in the Bible. Moses was born during a dark time in the history of the Hebrews with Pharaoh having ordered the death of all baby boys throughout the land of Egypt. But God had a plan for this child that included the deliverance of his people from their Egyptian slavery. In this epic kids Bible story we witness the unseen hand of God orchestrate the timely events that would prepare the world for the greatest deliverance of all–deliverance from sin and eternal death. Explore the Story of Baby Moses further.

Moses Escapes from Egypt: Exodus 2

In the Moses Escapes from Egypt Sunday School lesson for kids we see Moses torn between two identities. In Exodus 2 Moses witnesses an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew slave and takes revenge by killing the Egyptian. It isn’t long before Moses is discovered by the furious Pharaoh. Moses runs for his life to land of Midian and there discovers that God has a plan for him that is bigger than his past. This lesson is a timeless illustration of how God can transform a life for his purposes and glory. Explore Moses Escapes from Egypt further.

Moses and the Burning Bush: Exodus 3

Moses and the Burning Bush is one of the most unique encounters with God that we have recorded for us in the Bible. In Exodus 3, while tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, Moses sees a bush on fire. Miraculously, this bush is not consumed by the flames! From this bush God speaks to Moses and reveals his plan to save his people from their bondage in Egypt. God encourages Moses by telling him that no matter what happens next, he will always be with him. This foreshadowed the coming of Jesus who would be called Immanuel which literally means “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). Explore Moses and the Burning Bush further.

Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt: Exodus 1-11

The Bible story of Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt in Exodus 1-11 is essential for any kids Sunday School curriculum. God’s deliverance of Israel is a pivotal account to the Judeo-Christian faith as we see God display His supreme authority over creation and the consequences for those who seek to harm God’s children. Explore Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt further.

The Exodus Story: Exodus 12-15

The Exodus Story is a powerful story of deliverance that pictures the powerful salvation available to us in Christ. Israel’s Exodus from Egypt in the Book of Exodus, chapters 12-15, once again demonstrates the authority of God over nature and mankind as He used Moses to lead His chosen people to freedom. In the end, not even Pharaoh, who thought himself a god, could do anything to interfere with God keeping His promise to the Israelites. Explore the Exodus Story further.

The Ten Commandments: Exodus 20

The Ten Commandments, as given in Exodus 20, were given by God as a foundation of the Law which requires obedience and respect to Him and our fellow men. The story of the Ten Commandments shows the sinfulness of Israel as they immediately break the first commandment before Moses even gets back. Kids Sunday School lessons should take time to go over each of the Ten Commandments and how they not only tell us what not to do, but how each commandment also entitles us to certain God-given rights (e.g. You shall not steal = we have a right to have personal property). Explore the Ten Commandments further.

40 Years in the Wilderness: Exodus & Deuteronomy

The 40 Years in the Wilderness kids Bible lesson is a classic story about God’s faithfulness even in the midst of stubborn rebellion. Israel’s infamous wandering in the wilderness, as recorded throughout Exodus – Deuteronomy, gives a variety of examples where the Israelites sinned against God and were punished at times, yet God still preserved them and provided for them and constantly reminded them that He was their God and their Redeemer. Explore 40 Years in the Wilderness further.

Balaam’s Donkey: Numbers 22

The story of Balaam’s Donkey is most often remembered for an incredible passage where a donkey speaks (Numbers 22:28). But this Sunday School lesson for kids is a tale of God’s sovereign power as he thwarts the schemes of a corrupt sorcerer (Balaam) and an evil King (Balaak). Use this lesson to teach your children about the sovereignty of God and the importance of personal obedience as he reveals his will to us. Explore the story of Balaam’s Donkey further.

The Story of Rahab: Joshua 2

The Story of Rahab follows two Hebrew spies who were received and protected by a prostitute woman named Rahab. Although Rahab belonged to a wicked and perverse nation and lived an ungodly life herself, she was changed by the testimony of God’s power and protection over the nation of Israel. Use this kids Bible lesson to help your children understand it is by God’s grace, through faith, that they can be delivered from the curse of sin (Ephesians 2:8-9), not their own goodness or good deeds. Explore the Story of Rahab further.

Crossing the Jordan River: Joshua 3-4

Crossing the Jordan River is perfect for teaching children about seeing things through eyes of faith. In Joshua 3-4 we read that forty years had passed since God miraculously brought Israel out from under the slavery of Egypt—years of unbelief, rebellion and wandering. But the moment of truth was finally at hand, and the people of God were about to realize the promise they had once refused to believe. God called Joshua to lead the children of Israel into the land, but there were obstacles to overcome first. One was directly in front of them: the Jordan River. Explore Crossing the Jordan further.

The Walls of Jericho: Joshua 6

The Walls of Jericho Sunday School lesson for kids records the first miraculous triumph of the Israelites in the promise land. In Joshua 6, under the leadership of Joshua, son of Nun, the Israelites came up against Jericho, which was a city that was famous for it’s fortified walls. God made the point that the city would not fall by the hands and weapons of the Israelites, but by His help, alone. When the Israelites obeyed God’s direction, the victory was given to them. Explore the Walls of Jericho further.

Sun Stand Still: Joshua 10

Sun Stand Still brings to life an astounding event recorded in Joshua 10. In the midst of a great battle Joshua called on the Lord for a miracle. In the presence of all of Israel he called to the Lord, asking him to extend the day. The Lord heard his prayer, and the sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down for the length of about a full day—just enough time for Israel to complete their victory. Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel! Explore Sun Stand Still further.

Gideon and the 300 Men: Judges 6-8

Gideon and the 300 Men illustrates how God can save by many or by few. Many years after the Exodus, the Book of Judges, chapters 6-8, tells the tale of Gideon, a reluctant judge of Israel, who God uses to stir the Israelites against their oppressors, the Midianites. God makes sure to lead Gideon and his small army to victory in such a way so that Israel would know that it was truly God and His strength that overcome the Midianites and not the might of the Israelites, themselves. Your Sunday School lessons for kids should focus on God’s goodness and how Gideon’s obedience to God, although reluctant at first, is what ultimately led to his success. Explore Gideon and the 300 Men further.

Samson and Delilah: Judges 13-16

The story of Samson and Delilah in Judges 13-16 is a tragic one as Samson’s arrogance and anger ultimately lead to his demise. As a kids bible story, the story of Samson shows how our pride leads to our downfall and no matter how strong we think we are on our own, our strength truly comes from the Lord. Eventually, Samson learns his lesson just before his death and delivers the final blow to the Philistines, who were oppressing the Israelites. Explore Samson and Delilah further.

Ruth and Naomi: The Book of Ruth

The story of Ruth and Naomi features a beautiful allusion to Christ, filled with a charming love story that your students will enjoy. Ruth and Naomi band together to care for each other when their husbands die, and then are ultimately blessed by Boaz as he and Ruth fall in love and he acts as kinsman redeemer and marries her. This picture points to Christ who redeems the church, His bride. It is also wonderful to mention that Ruth is King David’s great grandmother and that means that Jesus was born from her lineage, as well. Explore the story of Ruth and Naomi further.

The Samuel Bible Story: 1 Samuel 1

The Samuel Bible Story is a great Sunday School lesson that illustrates how powerfully God can work in the life of a child. In 1 Samuel 1-2, Israel’s final Judge, Samuel is born to Hannah, who desperately wants a child, and vows to give him to the service of the Lord. As he grows, Samuel hears the voice of God and becomes a prophet to Israel. Your Sunday School lessons for kids can focus on how God will use any of us who are willing and obedient, no matter what age we are or background we come from. Explore the Samuel Bible Story further.

King Saul: 1 Samuel 8-12

The King Saul Bible lesson recounts the rise and fall of Israel’s first king. In 1 Samuel 8-12, Saul is appointed king in answer to the Israelites’ desire to have a human king to lead them into battle against surrounding nations. Saul’s corruption shows that no human ruler will be everything that we need, but that Jesus alone is our true King. Explore the King Saul Sunday School lesson for kids further.

Jonathan and his Armor Bearer: 1 Samuel 14

Jonathan and his Armor Bearer is a fantastic Sunday School lesson to help children understand what it means to place complete confidence in God. In this story, King Saul did not listen to God for a solution in defeating the Philistines because he was confident enough in his own abilities, and he was more interested in his own glory. On the other hand, Saul’s son, Jonathan, trusted God and put total confidence in Him. Sure, the Philistines had the advantage of being on higher ground, had thousands more fighting men, and had superior weaponry, but Jonathan refused to focus on these obvious factors. Instead, he placed his confidence in the promise and power of God, and the Lord delivered the Israelites. Explore Jonathan and his Armor Bearer further.

David and Goliath: 1 Samuel 17

A popular lesson in any Sunday School curriculum, the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 teaches how God can use anyone for His will and that He will equip us in any battle we may face. Students can easily relate to the youth of David and his humble stature, which makes his courage and trust in the Lord such a powerful example for the coming generation. Explore the story of David and Goliath further.

David and Jonathan: 1 Samuel 20

As recorded in 1 Samuel 20, David and Jonathan were best friends. Jonathan knew that God was with David and that God had chosen him to take the place of his father, Saul, as the future king of Israel.  But Saul could not so easily let go of what God had taken away. The story of Jonathan’s loyalty to David will help your children identify qualities of a good and faithful friend. Explore the story of David and Jonathan further.

The Wisdom of Solomon: 1 Kings 1-11

The Wisdom of Solomon follows the triumphs and tragedies of this legendary king of Israel. This Sunday School lesson focuses on the account of King Solomon, the son of David, his wisdom, many wives and ultimate failure in sin. 1 Kings 1-11. Being rich and famous does not satisfy. Only God does! Explore the Wisdom of Solomon further.

Elijah and the Widow: 1 Kings 17

1 Kings 17 Elijah and the Widow Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Elijah and the Widow follows the story of a courageous prophet named Elijah who was called to speak God’s word to the rebellious nation of Israel. After meeting with King Ahab and announcing a curse of famine on the land, Elijah was forced to flee to a stream where he received complete provision from the Lord. When the stream dried up, Elijah was sent to stay with a poor widow and her son. God miraculously provided a continual supply of food for them throughout all the days of the famine. Another miracle is performed after the widow’s son unexpectedly dies. God hears the persistent prayers of Elijah and raises the boy from the dead. Explore the story of Elijah and the Widow further.

Elijah the Prophet: 1 Kings 18

The Elijah the Prophet Sunday School lesson for kids features the account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal is found in 1 Kings 18. Israel’s rebellion against God led them to worship false idols and heed false prophets. Elijah shamed their false gods by showing the power of the One True God. Use this lesson to teach your kids Sunday School that God has proven Himself time and time again to His people and that He is the only One worthy of worship. Explore Elijah the Prophet further.

Naaman the Leper: 2 Kings 5

The story of Naaman the Leper shows how he was healed by God through the prophet Elisha as seen in the book of 2 Kings, despite the fact that he was a Gentile. Naaman was told to bathe himself in the Jordan river, after which all his sores would be healed. This story is a powerful picture of our salvation from sin by the blood of Jesus Christ. Explore Naaman the Leper further.

Horses and Chariots of Fire: 2 Kings 6

Horses and Chariots of fire opens with the Kings of Syria seeking to overcome Elisha with chariots and armed men. But Elisha saw what others could not, that the heavenly army of horses and chariots of fire were surrounding the scene, so he was not afraid. This Sunday School lesson for kids is perfect for teaching children that God is everywhere, knows everything, and is all powerful. Explore Horses and Chariots of Fire further.

Give Thanks to the Lord: 2 Chronicles 20

Give Thanks to the Lord explores 2 Chronicles 20 where the righteous King Jehoshaphat was suddenly faced with the danger of war. Although he was at first afraid, he took his fear and anxiety to the Lord by leading his people to fast and pray. He helped restore courage in the hearts of the people by reminding them of how powerful their God was, and how faithful He had always been to them. The king lead the people in thanksgiving to the Lord, and God responded to their faith with the promise of a swift victory. The people praised and worshiped God all the way to the battle field, and the battle was won. No weapons, no struggle—just the power of God! Explore Give Thanks to the Lord further.

Jonah and the Whale: The Book of Jonah

Jonah and the Whale has long been a Sunday School favorite. In this kids’ Bible school lesson, the focus is on Jonah, Nineveh and the big fish (some think it was a whale). God sent Jonah to tell Nineveh to repent of their sins. Instead of obeying God, Jonah chose to disobey and flee God. He got swallowed by a big fish, and ended up following God’s command, anyway. Explore Jonah and the Whale further.

The Prophet Isaiah: The Book of Isaiah

The Prophet Isaiah is one of the major Old Testament prophets. This Sunday School Lesson focuses on the book of the prophet Isaiah who prophesied regarding Jesus, the coming Messiah. Isaiah told the people to repent of their sins and turn to God while painting a glorious portrait of the new heaven and earth. Explore the Prophet Isaiah further.

The Prophet Jeremiah: Jeremiah 38

The story of the Prophet Jeremiah contains rich examples of those who heard God’s warnings and took action, and those who did not. Jeremiah loved and trusted God, and remained committed to his call as a prophet to the people of Israel and Judah and to the nations of the world. Even though he was often rejected because of his message, he continued in courage to say what he was called to say, and do what he was called to do. Explore the story of the Prophet Jeremiah further.

The Fiery Furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego: Daniel 1-3

The Fiery Furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego teaches how God will protect us from those who seek to do harm to us when we follow Him. Taken captive to the land of Babylon three young Hebrews face death for refusing to worship anyone but the living God. In the end, they were delivered from harm and God was glorified! Explore the Fiery Furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego further.

Daniel and the Lion’s Den: Daniel 6

Daniel and the Lion’s Den is a classic Sunday School lesson for kids that traces God’s faithfulness through difficult times. The account of Daniel in the lion’s den from the Book of Daniel, chapter 6 shows that when we stay faithful to God, even in the face of adversity, we know that we can count on Him to deliver us. Explore Daniel and the Lion’s Den further.

Queen Esther: The Book of Esther

Queen Esther is one of the great heroines found in all of Scripture. In this children’s Bible story, children will learn the story of Esther, the brave girl who became queen of Persia and saved the Jews from extinction. God used Mordecai and Esther to deliver his people from the evil hand of Haman. This kids Bible lesson will remind your children that the time to do the right thing is always now! Explore the story of Queen Esther further.

The Lord is my Shepherd: Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd is perhaps the most beloved of all Psalms. In this Sunday School lesson for kids the image of God is of a loving shepherd, and His people are His sheep. He is pictured as the benevolent provider, the bringer of a peace that is satisfying and permanent, the one who restores and heals, and the deliverer from death and destruction. Uses this lesson to teach your children that God is the one who provides, blesses, forgives, restores, comforts, protects, delivers, strengthens, rules, and gives eternal life. Explore the Lord is my Shepherd further.

A Mighty Fortress is our God: Psalm 91

A Mighty Fortress is our God explores Psalm 91 which is a song of God’s deliverance, protection, and security to those who place their trust in the Messiah, Jesus Christ. He alone is the one who delivers from Satan’s traps, is the place of refuge from all danger, and is the promise of eternal life.  Salvation from the curse of sin and death is found in Him alone. Say to the Lord, “He is MY refuge and MY fortress, MY God, in whom I trust.” Explore a Mighty Fortress is our God further.

The Story of Nehemiah: The Book of Nehemiah

The Story of Nehemiah gives the account of a harrowing rebuilding project that your kids will love! Your Sunday School curriculum should have a lesson on Nehemiah who left Babylon to return to Jerusalem and rebuild its walls. Through Nehemiah’s prayer, God provided a way to accomplish his task, in the face of opposition. Your Sunday School class will know that when our eyes are set on the tasks that God has given us, nothing will stop us. Explore the Story of Nehemiah further.

Birth of Jesus: Matthew 1-2 & Luke 1-2

The Birth of Jesus is one of the most precious is kids Bible stories giving the account of the Birth of Jesus as given in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Mary, a virgin, gives birth to the Savior in a manger in Bethlehem, fulfilling many prophecies about the Messiah. So many signs were given to us to know who the Messiah would be when He came and we are left no room for doubt that Jesus was the only One who fulfilled all those prophecies. Explore the Birth of Jesus further.

The Magi Christmas Story: Matthew 1-2 & Luke 1-2

The Magi Christmas Story follows the journey of a group of Magi, also known as wise men, in search of the promised King. One night, while they were gazing out into the night sky, they witnessed the brightest star they had ever seen. Convinced it was the announcement of the birth of the King they had been waiting for, they set off on a journey to find HimExplore the Magi Christmas story further.

The Mary & Joseph Christmas Story: Luke 1-2

The Mary and Joseph Christmas Story brings to life the awe-inspiring Christmas story as seen through the eyes of Mary and Joseph. The story begins with an angelic proclamation of good news and then moves to a humble stable where Jesus is born. The action continues into the courts of an evil king named Herod and concludes with mysterious Wise Men from the East. Explore the Mary and Joseph Christmas story further.

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine: John 2

John 2 Jesus Turns Water Into Wine Kids Bible Lesson From the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine took place at a wedding feast in Cana in which Jesus, His disciples, and His mother, Mary, were in attendance. The celebration had been well under way when it was noticed that they had run out of wine. Jesus, in his first recorded miracle, saves the wedding by transforming 6 large jars of water into wine. In performing this miracle, He displayed His power over creation, showed His kindness to humanity, and showed how He could transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Explore Jesus Turns Water Into Wine further.

Jesus as a Child: Luke 2

Luke 2 Jesus as a Child Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Jesus as a Child follows Mary and Joseph as they traveled home from the Passover celebration in a great caravan of people. Mary and Joseph assumed that Jesus was somewhere in the large group, until one day into the journey, they looked for Him but could not find Him. For two days, they searched for Him until they finally found Him in the temple in Jerusalem. Jesus told his Mother “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” Explore Jesus as a Child further.

John the Baptist: John 3

John the Baptist, the forerunner to Jesus Christ, is introduced to us in Matthew 3:1-12. John proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah and preached repentance from sin. John baptized with water and lived in the desert eating honey and locusts. He also baptized Jesus. Baptism is an ongoing discussion in the church and should be discussed at length during your kids Sunday School lessons. Explore John the Baptist further.

Pool of Bethesda: John 5

John 5 Pool of Bethesda Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Pool of Bethesda is a story of suffering, despair, healing and salvation began with a very sick man desperate for change. He had been sick with a debilitating illness for 38 years and kept coming back to the pool of Bethesda, believing in its healing powers. But there were limitations to the pool’s healing powers that left him disheartened. But Jesus the Messiah heard his heart’s cry for help, saw his dire situation, and took compassion on the suffering man. He was healed from his immediate suffering, but more importantly he was presented with the Savior, who alone can offer eternal life. Explore Pool of Bethesda further.

Jesus Tempted: Matthew 4

Jesus Tempted is a power Sunday School lesson every kid should be taught.  The temptation of Jesus while He was fasting in the wilderness is an extremely important lesson to go over in your kids Sunday School. Since Jesus was the God-man, it is important that we remember that He was God, as well as man, and He still dealt with temptation just like we do, yet, because He was born without a sin nature, He went through life without giving into temptation and sinning. A fantastic point to make is how Jesus used Scripture to combat the temptation from Satan. Explore Jesus Tempted further.

Jesus Chooses His 12 Disciples: The Gospels

Jesus Chooses His 12 Disciples recounts the beginning of Jesus’ ministry as he selects the men who will become his followers. The 12 disciples may have seemed like a bunch of average guys, or even “nobodies”, but these 12 men were chosen by Jesus to be His closest confidantes and partners in His ministry on earth. Your students can learn from their ups and downs as His followers and everyone can relate to at least one of these men and the struggles they had with their own faith. Still, these were the men that Jesus had chosen to turn the world upside down and proclaim His Gospel to the farthest reaches of the earth. Explore Jesus Chooses His 12 Disciples further.

The Sermon on the Mount (Beatitudes): Matthew 5-7

The Sermon on the Mount (Beatitudes) in Matthew 5-7 is full of some of Jesus’s most famous teachings. In your Sunday School curriculum, take this lesson and separate it into individual parts to help your students retain all of the different aspects of this sermon and take these truths to heart. This kids Bible lesson is perfect for teaching your children the Spirit-filled live God desires us all to live! Explore the Sermon on the Mount further.

Love Your Enemies: Matthew 5

In Love Your Enemies we learn of how the religious leaders used the law to control those who offended them and inflict as much pain as the law would allow. Contrary to this understanding, Jesus taught His disciples to imitate the love of God in every action, even in view of His law. Instead of looking for an opportunity to inflict harsh punishment, or return evil for evil, He told the disciples to seek a peaceable solution and to act in love and forgiveness. We are to respond as our Father in Heaven would respond. Love your enemies and do good to those who hurt you. Explore Love Your Enemies further.

Do Not Worry: Matthew 6

In Do Not Worry we see how comforted the poor and sick, who were anxious about an uncertain future, telling them not to worry about what they would eat or drink, or what they would wear. If God cares enough about the birds of the air and the flower of the field, to feed them and clothe them, how much more would He take care of those who trust Him? “Don’t be anxious,” He said, “Your heavenly Father knows what need, and He will take good care of you.” Explore Do Not Worry further.

Nicodemus Bible Story: John 3

The Nicodemus Bible Story is arguably the most famous verse of them all, John 3:16. Jesus explains profound truths to Nicodemus on what one must do to be a part of the kingdom of God, which is to be born again of the Spirit, and what that truly means. Make sure to drive this foundational truth home during your Sunday School lessons for kids so that your students can begin to understand the weight of the Gospel and the depths of God’s love for us. Explore the Nicodemus Bible Story further.

I am the Bread of Life: John 6

I am the Bread of Life is the first of seven “I am” statements Jesus made in John’s gospel. Just as food promotes healthy growth and nourishes and sustains life, Jesus says, “I am the Bread of Life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” The world cannot satisfy but Jesus “satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul He fills with good things. (Psalm 107:9). Explore I am the Bread of Life further.

I am the Light of the World: John 8

I am the Light of the World is the second of seven “I am” statements Jesus made in John’s gospel. In this statement Jesus revealed that the path to heaven can only be discerned with the light of His truth; the sinful condition cannot be solved apart from the light of His revelation; and a purposeful life can only be enjoyed with His light as its guide. Explore I am the Light of the World further.

I am the Door: John 10

I am the Door is the third of seven “I am” statements Jesus made in John’s gospel. This Sunday School lesson for kids presents the contrast between those who enter through The Door—Jesus—and those who enter in any other way. Jesus is the truth and the only way to Heaven. There is no other name by which a person can be saved! Anyone who presents an alternate entry or path is a thief who robs people of the only hope they have for eternal life. Explore I am the Door further.

I am the Good Shepherd: John 10

I am the Good Shepherd is the fourth of seven “I am” statements Jesus made in John’s gospel. In this kids Bible lesson Jesus uses beautiful imagery to describe how a devoted shepherd relates to his sheep—a picture of love, care, kindness, truth, and sacrifice. By contrast, He describes the hireling as an opportunist who sees the sheep only as a way to get something for himself—a picture of pride, selfishness, deception, and cowardice. This lesson aims to help children recognize the Good Shepherd’s voice and to be wary of any other. Explore I am the Good Shepherd further.

I am the Resurrection and the Life: John 11

I am the Resurrection and the Life is the fifth of seven “I am” statements Jesus made in John’s gospel. When Jesus raised Lazarus, He proved power over death, and in doing so, He proved that He is the one who breathed life into every living thing—He is God. Throughout this story, we also learn that Jesus understands our grief and sorrow, He encourages us to talk to Him about everything, and He can be trusted—even when the answer to our prayers appears delayed. Explore I am the Resurrection and the Life further.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: John 11

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life is the sixth of seven “I am” statements Jesus made in John’s gospel. In this Sunday School lesson your children will learn that Jesus is the way because He is the gate, the path, and the final destination to eternity in heaven with God. He is the truth about everything and the fulfillment of all prophecy concerning the promised Messiah. He is the life because He is the Creator of all life, and He sustains every living creature. Explore I am the Way, the Truth and the Life further.

I am the Vine: John 15

I am the Vine is the seventh of seven “I am” statements Jesus made in John’s gospel. In this Sunday School lesson for kids Jesus teaches a group of people the importance of maintaining a relationship with Him by comparing Himself to a vine, the people as branches off the vine, and God as the gardener. He explained that to bear fruit and flourish in this life, a person must be connected to Him, the source of life and blessing. To stay connected to Him, Jesus explained that we must obey His commandments: Love each other as He loves us. Explore I am the Vine further.

Jesus Heals the Sick: The Gospels

The Gospels Jesus Heals the Sick Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

The Jesus Heals the Sick Sunday School lesson for kids show the mighty miracle working power of our Savior! There are many examples of Jesus healing the sick throughout the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It is important to address these miracles in any Sunday School curriculum and emphasize that Jesus was more concerned about the spiritual condition of others, rather than just the physical and each miracle was done so that God would be glorified. Explore Jesus Heals the Sick further.

The Story of Zacchaeus: Luke 19

The Story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19:1-10 is often told to children because we think of how they can relate to Zacchaeus’s small physical stature. However, the root of Zacchaeus’s problems were clearly spiritual as he was a tax collector whom the Jewish people despised. Upon encountering Jesus and experiencing the kindness of the Messiah, first hand, we see a beautiful story of repentance as Zacchaeus vows to return all that he had unfairly taken, and then some. Explore the Story of Zacchaeus further.

Jesus Feeds 5000: Matthew 14

Jesus Feeds 5000 is an amazing Sunday School lesson that illustrates God’s miraculous power to provide. Among His many miracles, the feeding of the 5,000 recorded in Matthew 14:13-21 is a wonderful Kids Bible school lesson as we see that Jesus has compassion on the multitudes and provides for them. Your students can see how even when it seems that we have so little, we can trust in God to be our provider. Explore Jesus Feeds 5000 further.

Jesus Calms the Storm: Matthew 8

Jesus Calms the Storm is a Matthew 8 kids Bible story that starts as a routine fishing trip. But when Jesus and His disciples were caught in a great storm, his disciples thought they were done for. This Sunday School lesson shows that no matter what storms we encounter in life, Jesus is ultimately in control and nothing is beyond Him. Explore Jesus Calms the Storm further.

Jesus Gives Thanks: Matthew 11

Jesus Gives Thanks highlights the gratitude that defined Jesus’ life. When others rejected Him and would not repent, when He faced the impossible in caring for other’s needs, while grieving the loss of a close friend, and even while facing persecution and death, Jesus was thankful to His Father in Heaven. He knew His Father was good, perfect, and powerful. Jesus knew His Father was worthy of being trusted, and He was thankful in all things. Paul teaches what Jesus demonstrated: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Explore Jesus Gives Thanks further.

Jesus Walks on Water: Matthew 14

Jesus Walking on Water; found in Matthew 14, Mark 6, and John 6;  gives an account of Peter’s faith being tested as he steps onto the water to come to Jesus. While he didn’t make it, it serves as a valuable lesson to us about faith and trust in God and what happens when we lose focus, even momentarily. Explore Jesus Walks on Water further.

The Transfiguration: Matthew 17

The Transfiguration begins with Jesus revealing to his disciples that He would soon suffer and die. The disciples could not understand how the King of glory would have to be subjected to such things. When they arrived at the top of the mountain, the disciples fell asleep. Moments later, they awoke to a brilliant display of God’s glory emanating from Jesus. On either side of Jesus stood the prophets Moses and Elijah, who were also shining because of the brightness of Jesus. Explore The Transfiguration further.

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant: Matthew 18

Matthew 28 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers

In the Parable of the Unforgiving Servanta servant owed a great debt to the king, which he was unable to repay. He found himself facing severe judgment, but in an act of mercy, the king had compassion for the servant and forgave him all of his debt. The servant walked free! But the story takes a twist when this same servant refused to forgive a very small debt owed to him by a fellow servant. The king heard about it and reversed his judgment, throwing the unmerciful servant into prison—complete with torture—because he failed to forgive as he had been forgiven. Explore the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant further.

Jesus Cleanses the Temple: Matthew 21

Matthew 21 Jesus Cleanses the Temple Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

In Jesus Cleanses the Temple, Jesus saw the temple being dirtied and desecrated with animal waste and money changers. He took action and drove them out, restoring order and sanctity to God’s temple. After, Jesus healed
blind and sick people, which angered the priests and scribes. Use this lesson to help children understand righteous anger and that Jesus desires His temple and His reputation to be clean and pure. Explore Jesus Cleanses the Temple Further.

The Parable of the Talents: Matthew 25

Matthew 25 Parable of the Talents Kids Bible Story from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

The Parable of the Talents is the story of a wealthy man who left on a journey and placed his servants in charge of his wealth while he was away. When the master returns he was greatly pleased with the first two servants for investing their talents, but he was angry with the third servant, calling him “wicked and lazy” for doing nothing with what he was given. Explore the Parable of the Talents further.


Jesus Heals the Paralytic: Luke 5

In Jesus Heals the Paralytic we witness four faithful companion going to extraordinary lengths to find healing for their friend.  Explore Jesus Heals the Paralytic further. Use this lesson to help children understand that, like the paralytic, we are powerless to help ourselves and that only Jesus can provide deliverance. Jesus knows us like no one else. He is the only one who can forgive us from sin, and He is the only one who can deliver us from the suffering caused by sin’s curse. Explore Jesus heals the Paralytic further.

Woman Washes Jesus’ Feet: Luke 7

Luke 7 Woman Washes Jesus' Feet Kids Bible Story from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Woman Washes Jesus’ Feet is a story about a religious leader named Simon, who invited Jesus over for a meal. He had questions for the Rabbi, the teacher. But during the dinner a woman known in town as a great sinner fell at the feet of Jesus, wiped his feet with her tears, dried them with her hair, and anointed them with the healing and fragrant oil she brought with her. Use this lesson to help children to gain a better understanding of forgiveness and the proper response to being truly forgiven. Explore Woman Washes Jesus’ Feet further.

The Good Samaritan: Luke 10

Among Jesus’s parables, the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:28-37 gives us a proper perspective as to who we should refer to as our “neighbor” when we are told to love our neighbors. The Good Samaritan is a powerful lesson on how love should rule all of our actions, no matter what our differences are. Explore the Good Samaritan further.

The Lord’s Prayer: Luke 11

Luke 11 The Lord's Prayer Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

The Lord’s Prayer is perfect for teaching children how to pray using the example Jesus gives in Luke 11. Prayer includes worshiping God because He is holy and there is no one like Him. Prayer is the essential means by which we seek God’s will and ask Him to reveal His Kingdom. Through prayer we ask for provision, forgiveness, and protection and deliverance from temptation and evil. Explore the Lord’s Prayer further.

The Prodigal Son: Luke 15

Luke 15 The Prodigal Son Kids Bible Lesson From the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

The parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32 is a beautiful picture of the Father’s love for His children. It is not uncommon to hear of others being afraid that their behavior or actions may have made God too angry to take them back. Just like the prodigal son in the story, we can look forward to the yearning embrace of our Father’s arms when we turn from the world and come back to Him. Explore the Prodigal Son further.

Lazarus and the Rich Man: Luke 16

Luke 16 Lazarus and the Rich Man Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Lazarus and the Rich Man is a story of a very rich man and a poor beggar named Lazarus. In this life, the rich man indulged in the advantages his wealth and position afforded him, without a thought to anything but his own happiness. He looked good, ate well, and enjoyed the admiration of many. Lazarus, on the other hand, desired only for the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table, but instead was refused and debased to scavenge with the dogs; however, when he died and was taken to heaven, he received the welcome and privilege of one belonging to royalty. When the rich man died, he found himself alone and begging for a simple drop of water. Explore Lazarus and the Rich Man further.

The Ten Lepers: Luke 17

The Ten Lepers Sunday School lesson for kids shows how Jesus was making a slow journey back to Jerusalem, stopping in villages along the way to teach, perform miracles, heal, and preach repentance and forgiveness. On this day he decided to stop in a village somewhere between Samaria and Galilee; when He did, He was approached by 10 lepers crying out to Him for mercy. Jesus showed them compassion by responding to their plea and healing them. Explore the story of the Ten Lepers further.

Taxes for Caesar: Luke 20

In Taxes for Caesar the religious leaders asked Jesus a difficult question hoping that they could make Him look bad and belittle his authority. They asked if it was right for the people of God to submit to the authority of a worldly kingdom—the kingdom of Rome—by paying them taxes. Jesus knew that they were trying to trick him, so he gave them an answer that astounded all who heard it “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Explore Taxes for Caesar further.

Road to Emmaus: Luke 24

Luke 24 Road To Emmaus Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids Parents and Teachers.

The Road to Emmaus Sunday School lesson is a story about two disciples whose lives were changed by the events that transpired during a 7-mile journey to the nearby village of Emmaus. While they engaged in a heart-to-heart discussion over the recent events, a stranger joined them—a stranger who was none other than Jesus! Explore the Road to Emmaus further.

The Story of Lazarus: John 11

John 11 The Story of Lazarus Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

The Story of Lazarus shares the touching and awe-inspiring miracle of Lazarus’s resurrection from the dead in John 11 and is a powerful children’s Bible study. Jesus is Lord of life and death and while it is a wonderful thing to know that He has the power to physically resurrect the dead, it is that much greater that He will spiritually resurrect all who believe in Him when He comes again. Explore the Story of Lazarus further.

Peter is Restored: John 21

Peter is Restored tells the story of how Peter promised Jesus that he would never abandon Him, but Jesus warned, “Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.” Just as Jesus had predicted, Peter denied Him three times, and the rooster crowed. But this was only the beginning of Peter’s lesson; Jesus was not through with him. Jesus showed Peter that he was forgiven and gave him the opportunity to be reconciled. Explore Peter is Restored further.

Jesus’ Crucifixion: The Gospels

Jesus’ Crucifixion, while painful and disturbing to think about the depravity of humanity and the cruelty that we can inflict when left to our own devices. The story of the Crucifixion and the hours leading up to Christ’s death on the cross is integral to the Christian faith. Jesus bore His cross in humility and pain so that the sacrifice could be made for the sins of us all. Use this lesson to teach your Kids Bible school of Christ’s love, why the sacrifice was necessary and what it means for those who follow Christ. Explore Jesus’ Crucifixion further.

He is Risen: Matthew 28

He is Risen is the story about how Jesus suffered, died, and rose again from the dead. It is the story of the intense love of God demonstrated in the greatest sacrifice of all time. Jesus was betrayed, beaten, mocked, stripped of His clothing, humiliated, blasphemed, and disrespected. A crown of thorns was pressed onto His head, an angry crowd taunted Him, He was hung on a cross, and worst of all, He was separated from His Father in Heaven. Then He died, and it was finished! At that moment, the veil in the temple tore in half from top to bottom. Explore He is Risen further.

The Empty Tomb: John 20

In John 20, we read the incredible account of The Empty Tomb where the stone had been rolled away and the body of Jesus was missing. Use this lesson to teach your class about the greatest of all miracles: The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave! This Sunday School lesson brings to life the story of what happened after Jesus died and was buried. Finding Jesus’ tomb empty seemed like sadness on top of sadness for Jesus’ disciples and close followers, but it was the greatest discovery of all time.  Explore The Empty Tomb further.

 Jesus’ Resurrection: The Gospels

Jesus’ Resurrection is so important that the Bible says that if it didn’t actually happen, then our preaching and faith is useless (1 Cor. 15:14). Christ’s resurrection is such an integral part of the Christian faith and needs to be a constant theme of discussion during Sunday School lessons for kids and even within Bible studies for all ages. Explore Jesus’ Resurrection further.

Ascension and Pentecost: Luke 24 and Acts 2

The Ascension and Pentecost traces the final days of Jesus’ life on earth and the first days of the church. The Book of Acts begins with the ascension of Christ and the outpouring of the Spirit to His disciples. The contrast in Jesus’s followers from the Gospels to the Book of Acts is an amazing testimony of the early church and the bravery and strength given to them by the Spirit of God. Your kids Sunday School can learn from the examples of the disciples and how they stood fast in their faith against adversity and turned the world upside down. Explore the Ascension and Pentecost further.

The Holy Spirit Comes: Acts 2

The Holy Spirit Comes Sunday School lesson brings the incredible events of this Acts 2, including the ascension of Jesus, the coming of the Holy Spirit, Peter’s sermon and the 3000 who were saved and baptized. The coming of the Holy Spirit gave the disciples the tools they needed to carry out the mission Jesus had given to them. With the Holy Spirit, they could go tell everyone about God’s work, His love, and His faithfulness as well as how to become followers of Christ, becoming part of God’s family.  Explore The Holy Spirit Comes further.

Peter Heals the Lame Man: Acts 3

Acts 3 Peter Heals the Lame Man Kids Bible Story from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents & Teachers.

Peter Heals the Lame Man begins with a poor beggar sitting in the gate of the temple hoping to collect enough money to sustain him for yet another day. He had been lame from birth and had been repeating the same hopeless ritual for many years; until one day when Peter and John, two apostles of Jesus, passed by him to enter the temple. In a miraculous and divine appointment, Peter offered the man something more than he ever dreamed of: to be whole again! Explore Peter and the Lame Man further.

Ananias and Sapphira: Acts 5

Acts 5 Ananias and Sapphira Kids Bible Story from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

In Acts 5 Ananias and Sapphira decided to sell a piece of property and donate the money, just as they had seen many others do; but instead of giving up all of it, they held back a portion for themselves and lied, saying it was the full amount. The conspiracy was evil not because they didn’t give all the money to the church, but because they lied about the amount they did give and because their motivation was their own glory, not God’s. Explore the story of Ananias and Sapphira further.

The Stoning of Stephen: Acts 6-7

Acts 6-7 The Stoning of Stoning of Stephen Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids

The Stoning of Stephen gives the account of the first Christian martyr. Even though Stephen was not an apostle, he preached the Gospel to many people and it led to his unjust persecution and execution by those who hated Christians. While tragic, as a children’s Bible story, it sets a powerful example of the first recorded martyr in the Bible and how he had nothing to fear in death as he was then greeted by the Lord into heaven. Explore the Stoning of Stephen further.

Philip and the Ethiopian: Acts 8

Acts 7 Philip and the Ethiopian Kids Bible Story from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers

Philip and the Ethiopian tells the story of how God used Philip to take the Gospel of Jesus from Jerusalem to Samaria, and to the outermost parts of the known world. On his way, he was directed by the Holy Spirit to approach a chariot carrying an important dignitary from a far-away region known as Ethiopia. The divine appointment gave Philip the opportunity to reveal the Messiah as prophesied in the book of Isaiah to the Ethiopian. Explore Philip and the Ethiopian further.

Paul’s Conversion: Acts 9

Acts 9 Paul's Conversion Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Paul’s Conversion is an incredible story about a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ. The life and conversion of Saul, who would eventually change his name to Paul, in Acts 9 reminds us that even the people who we think are too corrupt or antagonistic towards Christianity still have hope. Paul considered himself the chief of sinners for what he had done (1 Timothy 1:15) but he knew that God’s grace and mercy far outweighed his own shortcomings. Explore Paul’s Conversion further.

Paul’s Missionary Journeys: The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts Paul's Missionary Journeys Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Paul’s Missionary Journeys spread the Gospel across the earth and showed his amazing persistence in reaching the lost and declaring Jesus to the nations so that they may be saved. No matter how hard life gets, your Sunday School class should know that God is always there and will equip us for every good work that He puts before us. Just like Paul, we should run the race with endurance with our eyes on God and His Kingdom. Explore Paul’s Missionary Journeys further.

Romans Road: The Book of Romans

Romans Road explores Paul’s teaching in Romans on God’s Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. It shows children the only way to be saved from sin’s curse. The Bible teaches that everyone is guilty of sin: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” The Bible also teaches that the punishment for sin is eternal death: “The wages of sin is death.” But there is a cure! “The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!” Explore Romans Road further.

The Armor of God: Ephesians 6

Ephesians 6 The Armor of God Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

This lesson teaches children how to put on the full Armor of God so that they are able to stand strong against the devil’s evil schemes.This lesson also aims to help them understand that struggles with fear, confusion, guilt, doubt, discouragement, and even rejection are not always against physical enemies, but many times are against the forces of darkness in the spiritual realm. In order to defeat this unseen enemy battle by battle, the belt of truth, the breastplate of God’s righteousness, the Gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit must all be worn. Explore the Armor of God further.

All Things New: Revelation 21

All Things New describes a glorious vision of heaven given to the Apostle John. He saw an eternal kingdom in which its greatest beauty is the unveiled glory of God. It is a place of perpetual brilliance, beauty, love, and joy. It is also a place where Jesus rules in righteousness. The curse of sin is destroyed and the effects are gone with it. Explore All Things New Further.

Foundations of Faith – Saving Faith: Hebrews 11

Saving Faith centers on Hebrews 11, where Paul wrote on the topic of faith with unwavering confidence and conviction. He shows his readers how faith is acceptable to God for salvation and for a life pleasing to God. He used Abraham, the Father of Faith, as his prime example. Abraham believed God when He said He would make a nation from his family, and he left his hometown to go to a place he had never seen before. Explore Saving Faith further.

Foundations of Faith – Redemption: Romans 6

Redemption Kids Bible Lesson Foundations of Faith from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Redemption is the act of buying a person’s freedom from slavery. Sin is the worst slave-master of all, because it is a controlling and abusive relationship that is eternally cruel. Sin says we are cursed, in bondage, guilty, objects of God’s wrath, fallen creatures, and without home or sense of belonging. But redemption of Christ says we are blessed, forgiven, free, and that we are a restored member of God’s family! Explore this Redemption Sunday School lesson further.

Foundations of Faith – Justification: Romans 3

Justification Kids Bible Lesson Foundations of Faith from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Justification deals with an unsettling question, “How can a person be justified before a perfectly righteous and holy God?” In other words, if His standards demand absolute perfection concerning His holy law, then who can stand in His judgement? The answer is no one. All have sinned and fall short (Romans 3:23). There is not one righteous, no not one! (Romans 3:10). The price for sin is death, but Jesus, who knew no sin, took our sin for us. He died to pay the price for our sins, He was resurrected because His sacrifice was acceptable to God, and because His sacrifice was accepted, we are justified. Explore this Justification Sunday School lesson further

Foundations of Faith – Adoption: Romans 8

Romans 8 Adoption Kids Bible Lesson Foundations of Faith from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents & Teachers.

This Adoption Sunday School lesson for kids is designed to help children understand what it means to be bought out of slavery and secured as God’s children through adoption; to show the beauty of this eternal plan, how Jesus died on the cross to pay the required price for redemption so we could be free to become His very own sons and daughters. With God as our Father, we are protected, trained, disciplined, and cared for, and we are never alone. Explore this Adoption Sunday School lesson further.


Foundations of Faith – Plan of Salvation: Matthew 7

Matthew 7 Plan of Salvation Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Plan of Salvation is designed to show children the entrance to the small gate—the narrow path that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. There is absolutely no other way to Heaven except through Him. Just as Jesus warned them in His teaching on the Kingdom of God, warn them to stay clear of the wide gate that promises a full and contented life apart from Christ, because ultimately it delivers death. Explore Plan of Salvation further.

God Our Father: Matthew 6

The Matthew 6 God Our Father Sunday School Lesson explores the amazing truth that we are to know God as our loving Father. And, as Jesus will teach us, the way we get to know our Heavenly Father is through prayer! This lesson will explore Jesus’ amazing example of prayer (the Lord’s Prayer) and teach us that we are to trust God to provide for our every need. Inside this kids Bible lesson you’ll find an exciting resource bundle that includes a beautiful Bible video, teaching slideshow, fun activities, an interactive family devotional and volunteer-friendly curriculum. It’s everything you need to teach with confidence! Explore God Our Father further.

Daniel: The Captivity

The Daniel 1 Captivity Sunday School Lesson brings to life a difficult time in Israel’s history. This Bible Story gives the account of a Babylonian king named Nebuchadnezzar who conquered Jerusalem and took a host of captives (prisoners) back to Babylon. Four of these captives were named Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. These four men become an illustration of how we can faithfully serve God even when the world around us does not. Inside this kids Bible lesson you’ll find an exciting resource bundle that includes a beautiful Bible video, teaching slideshow, fun activities, an interactive family devotional and volunteer-friendly curriculum. It’s everything you need to teach with confidence!


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