With our new series on church videos, we want to provide you with free worship video backgrounds so you can get a feel for high-quality church videos. An average Google search for “free worship video backgrounds” is going to leave you disappointed. You’ll probably find that “free” means “low-quality” or leads you to some hoax. Not here. Because Sharefaith produces high-quality church media, we’re giving away top-tier free worship videos. Stay tuned to our church video series for more free worship video backgrounds from time to time. In this post, you can download a free worship video background.

Download the free worship video background now!

In a future post, we’ll be sharing some hot tips and secrets for what goes into the making of a stunning worship video background. Of course, every worship setting is different, and preferences vary. For the time being, we’ll share just four features that make this free worship video background such a great design:

  1. The free worship video background displays a simple design. Complex design patterns, especially nature scenes, tend to distract from the focal point of worship videos, which is the worship lyrics. This design is simple and non-distracting.
  2. The free worship video background features subtle movement. Minimal video movement is best. Again, too much movement and action can be counterproductive, distracting from the worship video rather than enhancing it.
  3. The free worship video background provides a lot of white space. White space or negative space is one of the most important features of a good worship video. This allows ample room to display the worship lyrics.
  4. The free worship video background uses color. One of the cardinal sins of church media is to use stark black or white backgrounds. These can do a real number on the eyes. Instead, textured backdrops are best. Here again, this worship video features a color that is easy on the eyes and provides visual texture for enhanced viewing.

One of the best ways to learn more about high-quality worship media is to survey libraries with top-notch Christian media. You can start by viewing all of Sharefaith’s worship video designs at no cost. You may even wish to start a free trial to download more free worship video backgrounds and other designs.

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