The Place of Church Video

Want to light a match among worship leaders, pastors, youth ministers, and media directors? Bring up the topic of using videos in a church service. Yeah, it’s pretty controversial. It’s important to clarify what exactly we’re talking about when we’re discussing videos in church. There are differences among the kinds of Christian videos that are used within a church setting. What are those differences among the types of Christian videos? And what is the best kind of Christian video to use in your church?

Videos in Church Going too Far?
Some churches have made news headlines and rocked the Christian boat with their engagement in pop culture and secular media usage. In an effort to attract the attention and/or attendance of the unchurched, they’ve created dazzling shows out of what used to be boring ol’ church. Churches have been decked out like a scene from The Incredibles. Other churches often show video clips in their services. Pastors may use a simple YouTube video for some laughs or to prove a point. Other pastors, going a bit farther, may actually show a brief scene or two from an edgy movie. Whatever the motives, methods, or thinking behind these maneuvers, it may register some concern with churchgoers. Some may object to the tacit approval of the movies from which the clips are taken. Others may disagree with the place of secular or sensual movies (even innocuous clips) within a sacred worship setting. Other people may be concerned over the stumbling block issue—tempting believers to watch a certain movie, and thus harming their conscience. Is the church a place for entertainment, or is it a place for the proclamation of the truth, the worship of God, and a place of edification for believers? Can they be mixed?

A Better Variety of Church Videos
With Sharefaith church videos, the content and tone of our church videos are appropriate for any worship setting. While Christians vary in their position on videos in church, the videos you’ll find in our collection of church videos are a safe choice for nearly any church. Here are the types of worship videos that are considered appropriate for any worship setting and church style.

You don’t have to dive into controversy when you use christian videos in your church. And, no, you don’t need to risk the unnecessary offense of showing clips from edgy movies in your worship setting. All you need to get started with church video in your church is a simple data projector, a computer (most churches have that much), and a Sharefaith account, which is easy an inexpensive.

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