Sharefaith, as the premier provider of Christian videos and worship loops, has a lot of videos to offer you, and a lot of ways that you can use them. Perhaps the most commonly requested options is the use of text over video in PowerPoint, which became available in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows and PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. Still, it isn’t perfect because each time a slide is changed, the video background starts over.

Because of this limitation, Sharefaith introduced ExaltNow, a PowerPoint plugin that combines text over video for seamless slide transitions!

ExaltNow allows you to add multiple video backgrounds to your presentation, add announcements and lyrics using text, and then group those text slides on top of the video backgrounds. The end result is a smooth and continuous presentation as your video background loops seamlessly from slide to slide.

What’s more is that ExaltNow integrates with SongSelect and your CCLI license so that within just a few clicks you can search for and insert Christian song lyrics that are formatted to fit each of your slides automatically!

ExaltNow makes creating a worship service a breeze.

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