Sharefaith, as the premier provider of Christian videos and worship loops, has a lot of videos to offer you, and a lot of ways that you can use them. Perhaps the most commonly requested options is the use of text over video in PowerPoint, which became available in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows and PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. Still, it isn’t perfect because each time a slide is changed, the video background starts over.

Because of this limitation, Sharefaith introduced ExaltNow, a PowerPoint plugin that combines text over video for seamless slide transitions!

ExaltNow allows you to add multiple video backgrounds to your presentation, add announcements and lyrics using text, and then group those text slides on top of the video backgrounds. The end result is a smooth and continuous presentation as your video background loops seamlessly from slide to slide.

What’s more is that ExaltNow integrates with SongSelect and your CCLI license so that within just a few clicks you can search for and insert Christian song lyrics that are formatted to fit each of your slides automatically!

ExaltNow makes creating a worship service a breeze.

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Daniel Threlfall has been writing church ministry articles for more than 10 years. With his background and training (M.A., M.Div.), Daniel is passionate about inspiring pastors and volunteers in their service to the King. Daniel is devoted to his family, nerdy about SEO, and drinks coffee with no cream or sugar. Learn more about Daniel at his blog and twitter.

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29 Responses

  1. Alex

    I tried this procedure but when playing the video loop in Presentation Mode, the video goes to the front and the text desapears, I am using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

    • admin

      Hi Alex,
      Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 does not support text-over-video capability. The latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint (2010) will overcome this problem, or you can use a church media software such as Media Shout.

      -The Sharefaith Team

    • admin

      Hi Jeannie. As long as you have the most recent version PowerPoint, you can use whatever actions you’d like to. The video works like any other background object or image. All you need to do is make sure you’ve set the video to start before the text slides in.

      • Christian

        Hi there, the steps mentioned above are not working for me. I’ve added the video and inserted my text and once I hit preview the words show up before and after the video but not while it is running. What am I doing wrong?

      • admin

        Hi Christian,
        Thanks for the question. I’m assuming you’re using PowerPoint. What version are you using? Text over video will only work on PowerPoint 2010.

        -The Sharefaith Team

  2. David

    Can you show us a tutorial for Media Shout? I don’t have the most current edition of Microsoft Power Point.



    • admin

      Hi Stephanie,

      Sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing with the video loop. It sounds like you’re doing everything fine, with one exception. Here is what I suggest.

      Click on the text box that you would like to appear on the video.
      Then, go up to the top and click on the “arrange” menu in your toolbar.
      Click “bring to front.”

      Now, in the overall position of the items on your screen, the text is going to be on top of everything else. That way, when the video plays, your text should still appear on top of the video.

      -The Sharefaith Team

  4. Denise

    Hi there. So I have followed all the steps above exactly as you put them, but they have not worked. I am using Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 on a Windows computer. The video does play, however once it plays the text disappears. What can I do?

    • admin

      Hi Denise,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s a bit challenging to know exactly what the problem is, without actually seeing it in action. However, the first potential problem that comes to mind is the ordering or arrangement of your items. This may be similar to the issue that Stephanie had. Here is my suggestion:

      Click on the text box that is disappearing when you play the video.
      Then, go up to the top and click on the “arrange” menu in your toolbar.
      Click “bring to front.”

      If the ordering was the problem, this will fix it.

      -The Sharefaith Team

  5. Phyllis

    I am using PPT 2010, and can get the slides to work with no problems EXCEPT, when I advance from one slide to the next in a loop, the loop starts over. What am I doing wrong. I use sharefaith loops for our church worship songs.


    • admin

      Hi Phyllis,

      Unfortunately, that’s the way that PowerPoint videos function. Since the video is attached to the single slide, it relaunches when you transition to the next slide. This makes it understandably difficult to manage, and there is no easy way around it.

      -The Sharefaith Team

    • josue2415

      I figuered it out. I was having the same problem You can’t have the “play full screen” selected that is found in the video options area.

      • Linda

        THANKS!!! I an so happy you posted the answer!! I tried every step given and nothing worked. Again…THANKS!!!


    I am having the same problem as Denise. I have PP 2010. My text shows up in the beginning but when the video loop starts it disappears. When I advance to the next slide, and the video loop stops, my text reappears for a split second before the slide advances. Is there a way to format the text so the video loop starts and then the text fades in?

    • Hein van Wyk

      Hi Stephanie,

      The Sharefaith team is busy trying out a solution for using video with text in PowerPoint. The rub is that PowerPoint is designed for presentations, not church-related video worship needs. That makes it a little difficult to get the video to work well. It’s possible to have one video with one song-lyric display correctly, but PowerPoint does not allow you to loop videos and display multiple verses of a song seamlessly.

      That said…. Sharefaith is busy with a tweak and in the coming weeks will be posting more that. The last thing we want churches to do is to go and spend $400 on presentation software, when PowerPoint should and can do all they need. We’ll keep everyone updated!

  7. Kevin Spilsbury

    Dear Sir

    I have Microsoft Office professional 2010. I can make words appear on individual movable backgrounds, but not in series, especially for songs on power point in worship.
    When I try to use the movable backgrounds for a song the first slide works but after the first slide the movable background stops moving. What should I do?



      Kevin, I can’t even get one display of text to stay up there on a moveable background. The text will appear for a split second, but as soon as the motion part of the background starts, my text disappears. When I stop the motion, my text reappears. I tried bringing it forward……It should be simple…but….

  8. Tim

    I use Windows Live movie maker. It works good.

  9. Michael

    Just want to share my experience. I spent some time to try this feature. Originally it simply did not work and I experienced problems similar to what Stephanie experienced. But then I realized I was working on an old PPT format file rather than the new PPTX format. So I saved it as a PPTX, closed the original file, and repoened the the PPTX, and then it worked! I don’t know whether PPTX saved with Powerpoint 2007 will make a difference, since I don’t have a computer with Powerpoint 2007. But I think an old PPT format file will not work.

  10. Mack

    i think what the admins are trying very hard NOT to say is this: over half the churches using visual media are using powerpoint. i am an A/V specialist and consult with, and develop A/V ministries for churches all over. these churches have been told by some friend somewhere to use powerpoint. but unless you use powerpoint 2010, you CANNOT use videos as backgrounds with text in the slides, and EVEN IF you use powerpoint 2010, microsoft DID NOT, and WILL NOT, produce their software with church presentations in mind. so you will never really get optimal results from using powerpoint in church presentations, unless its by some fluke.

    usually because their friends “can’t be wrong” or because some computers come with powerpoint free, these churches refuse to use anything else.

    That being said, there has been a mention of MEDIA SHOUT as a great means of church presentations, there is also a program called Easy Worship. both of these presentation applications ARE DESIGNED FOR CHURCHES.

    so what everyone needs to understand is this, you can use these videos with powerpoint, BUT ONLY with powerpoint 2010, and even then, its a “roll the dice” chance of using text over video.

    i think easy worship is about $350 and mediashout is around $379. the learning curve on mediashout is kinda tough, but once you leanr it, you will never click the powerpoint icon again. the great thing about media shout, is that it will import all your powerpoint presentations into the playlist.

  11. Mack

    i forgot to mention, that with mediashout, you can make changes in the program WHILE THE PRESENTATION IS RUNNING!

    because it utilizes dual screen capabilities, (which i think powerpoint still has not addressed)

    and with mediashout, you can throw on screen the pastor’s scripture text on the fly! when he walks to the podium, open a scripture cue, and the bibles ( several versions) are already installed, you can navogate to his scripture text faster than the congregation can, and have it onscreen while he reads it. so he changes his sermon on the spot? no problem, with mediashout, you are as fast as he is.

  12. David

    Mack, although your comments are correct; I will say that while church presentation software is great and fairly cheap or just as cheap as PP. One ALWAYS forgets the other requirements that comes with them.
    Our church started with PP because it was cheaper and we had the computer/equipment to use it. Once we/I found out about the text over video issue I purchased EW. But after purchasing and having issues I found out that our standard computer was NOT up to par. Now we are not only out of money from PP now EW but we now have to fork out another large amount ($1000+) for a new computer.
    I know that most all church are just rolling around in cash that they have no idea what to do with it (sarcastic) ;op. All in all our church will be out of roughly $2200 in the end!!! Our church is about 100 members strong. So that is a HUGE issue for us.
    So I feel that most churches are not lead by “some friend” instead they are led by what they know. The first thought of ones mind is PP because everyone has heard of it. As the admins have already said, PP2010 will show text over video, it all just depends on how one set it up.

    So to sum up, if your church has the money – go for it! As for ours, we are stuck. With the cost of the equipment + software + videos… we are at a standstill. Our members really like it but they don’t see paying the extra money for it. They would rather help out a neighbor down the street purchase their groceries.

  13. Samantha Benson

    How do you down load and edit to a Mac?

    • admin

      Hi Samantha.

      The way to download and edit to a Mac is just the same way you would on a Windows computer, if you are familiar with that process.

      1. SImply download your selected video in the proper format for the video editor you are using. MP4 (or MP4 HD) is the most common for Macs and Mac video editing programs.
      2. Open the video in your editing program (including PowerPoint 2010 or Keynote).

      That’s it! If you have any other questions, please call or email us.

      -The Sharefaith Team

  14. Lorrie

    I spent a lot of time yesterday placing some loops into Sunday’s presentations. Now, upon reviewing them after being “saved” on my computer, they do not work. Got any tips?

    • admin

      Hi Lorrie,

      We regret the inconvenience that you had with your presentation work yesterday. Without a few more details, it’s hard to know how to assist you. We’ll get you in touch with one of our service personnel, and will try to help you solve the problem. Thank you!

      -The Sharefaith Team

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