Top 10 Things to Include on Your Church Newsletter – What Goes in a Church Newsletter? Here’s 10 Important Factors to Remember


Whether you print and send out your newsletter or distribute it electronically as an email attachment, it is one of the most important forms of communication for your church. A newsletter conveys essential information about your ministry and facilitates connection between the members of your congregation, staff and community. It must be attentively managed, carefully thought out, and meticulously reviewed so that it always meets your objectives in a clear, concise, accurate and interesting manner. Here are the top ten things to include in a church newsletter:

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Top 11 Newsletter Designs

Unlimited Newsletters

Newsletters are a great tool for churches to use. Whether you use a digital newsletter or a paper one, newsletters allow members to stay informed, be encouraged, and become more involved in the life of the local church. We’ve rounded up some of the best newsletter designs to feature, so you can get some ideas as to how your next newsletter can look.

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How Do I Create a Church Newsletter?

It’s time. You’re ready to make the plunge and publish a church newsletter. But before you open up Microsoft Word, or Google your question, read this short article. You need to learn the answer to one question: How do I create a church newsletter?

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How to Publish a Church Newsletter and Distribute It

There are two stages to the life of a church newsletter. Stage one:  creating it. Stage two:  getting it out there to the people. It’s about how to publish a church newsletter. If you want to publish a church newsletter, you’ll need a way of doing so. What are some of the ways to publish a church newsletter, and what form of church newsletter distribution should you choose?

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Is There Such a Thing as Free Newsletter Templates?

When I heard the word “free” my ears perk up. I like free. You probably do, too. But along with that word “free,” should come a healthy dose of skepticism. You’ve heard the old adage, “Nothing is really free.” So, let’s take a look at the issue of free as it relates to newsletter templates. Is it possible to get free newsletter templates? Yes and no.

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So You Can’t Design a Church Newsletter?

I’m not sure, but there may be some church administrators out there who have nightmares and panic attacks whenever they think about designing the church newsletter. To design a church newsletter is to accomplish a noble feat. It’s hard work. That’s why we need a solution–a solution that will overcome the challenges of designing a church newsletter, and producing a powerful alternative to the DIY route.

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Church Newsletters for One and All: Publisher Newsletter Templates

The vast majority of churches use MS Word for their church newsletter. But there is another tool available. It’s the Microsoft Publisher newsletter template, and it is a great tool to use in creating church newsletters. The  problem? Very few church newsletter providers, let alone online template sources provide Publisher newsletter templates. The solution? You guessed it—Sharefaith has Publisher newsletter templates. Hundreds of them.

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Why You Need MS Word Newsletter Templates

I’ve experienced the agony of not having a MS Word Newsletter Template. Starting to build a church newsletter from scratch is kind of like trying to build a car from all the junk in your garage and shed. It sure looks like all the right pieces are there, but it’s well-nigh impossible to build a fully-functional vehicle. Obviously, the way to have the best church newsletter is a MS Word newsletter template, so let’s look at the problem…and the best solution known to mankind.

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Unlimited Church Newsletter Designs

When you’re busy pumping out new church newsletter designs every month (or week!), you’re definitely going to want to change up your church newsletter design every now and then. No one wants to look at the same old boring church newsletter design week after week or month after month. That’s where the power of Sharefaith’s church newsletter designs comes into play. With Sharefaith, you will have an endless supply of church newsletter designs—designs for every occasion, event, need, or mood.

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Newsletter Templates for Every Occasion

Churches have a lot of reason to celebrate. After all, Christians celebrate a life-changing reality in the Person of Jesus Christ. There’s Christmas and Easter of course, but there are also other seasons of celebration or commemoration. Most churches celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and other national holidays. Many churches also recognize the liturgical calendar, which provides another wide realm of important dates. Obviously, churches want to align their media and publications with the big events going on in the life of the church. That’s why churches need newsletter templates for every occasion.

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