I’ve experienced the agony of not having a MS Word Newsletter Template. Starting to build a church newsletter from scratch is kind of like trying to build a car from all the junk in your garage and shed. It sure looks like all the right pieces are there, but it’s well-nigh impossible to build a fully-functional vehicle. Obviously, the way to have the best church newsletter is a MS Word newsletter template, so let’s look at the problem…and the best solution known to mankind.

Why You Need MS Word Newsletter Templates

Problems of Not Having MS Word Newsletter Templates

What’s the downside to trying to create a church newsletter from scratch? Well, there are a whole bunch of downsides. You can probably think of a few off the top of your head. Here are a few more.

  • You waste vast amounts of time. Not having a MS Word newsletter template means that someone is going to have to create a church newsletter all by themselves. That means, that they are about to waste a ton of time. Why do all the work if someone has already done it for you?
  • You produce a newsletter that is unsightly. No offense, but most of us—being as we are church volunteers, church administrators, pastors, or worship leaders—aren’t trained in graphic design and newsletter layout. My pastoral training never had a Church Newsletter Design 601 course. Thankfully, there are a tribe of people, the right side of their brain being wonderfully enlarged who do have the skill and training to whip out a really cool looking church website. They have created a whole lot of MS Word newsletter templates, and provided them to the church to use and benefit from. And they look really, really good.
  • You come close to committing sin, risk destroying your computer, and reach dangerous highs in your blood pressure. Frustrating computer experiences are a threat to one’s sanctification. And if you ever try to create a MS Word newsletter template yourself, you’ll find out exactly what I’m talking about. Delegating the work of making the MS Word newsletter template to someone else is to avoid putting your fist through your screen in a rage of MS Word Fury.

Why You Need MS Word Newsletter Templates

Those are the negatives of not using MS Word newsletter templates. There are a whole bunch of positive reasons to use MS Word newsletter templates, especially those from Sharefaith. Heed.

  • MS Word Templates provide a church newsletter template for the most commonly-used word processing software in the world. MS Word has changed the world. On every continent, in ever city, and in nearly every office, people are using MS Word. Although there are pockets of people who use free text edit programs or the Pages-only people (Mac), most of us are accustomed to MS Word. It’s a fixture. Thus, it’s best to use MS Word newsletter templates for your church newsletter.
  • MS Word Newsletter Templates are easy to customize. MS Word newsletter templates are just that—templates. As such, you’re going to want to change certain aspects of them. A picture here. A fram there. A header image here. Thankfully, MS Word newsletter templates are totally customizable. That’s the beauty of a template and the power of using a MS Word newsletter template. It’s just easy to customize.
  • MS Word Newsletter Templates are easy to adapt for email or online use. With a couple clicks, you can optimize a MS Word newsletter template to be posted up on your church website, or even emailed to church members. Electronic media is a great way to distribute church newsletter, ans MS Word newsletter templates are the way to do it.
  • MS Word Newsletter Templates are easy to print. Since most churches will print their church newsletter, it’s important that your church newsletter be optimized for printing, too. Grainy graphics and messed-up margins just won’t cut it. Again, MS Word newsletter templates take the cake with their precise settings and beautifully customized artwork.

Overcoming the Problems of Not Having MS Word Newsletter Templates

So what’s the solution? It’s easy. The solution is to use Sharefaith’s MS Word newsletter templates. We’ve got hundreds of them, and they are here for you to use. With a Sharefaith membership, you’re getting a whole lot more than just newsletters, though. You’re getting a total church media solution that will absolutely revolutionize the way your church media functions. Get started.


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