Newsletters are a great tool for churches to use. Whether you use a digital newsletter or a paper one, newsletters allow members to stay informed, be encouraged, and become more involved in the life of the local church. We’ve rounded up some of the best newsletter designs to feature, so you can get some ideas as to how your next newsletter can look.

1.  Easter Crown of Thorns Newsletter Template

Easter Church Bulletin

This newsletter uses a large header image to grab attention and announce the newsletter’s theme. A defined color band crosses the middle of the page, providing a helpful visual anchor for the title and beginning of the copy.

2.  Church Lent Newsletter

Faith NewsletterPlenty of color and activity graces this newsletter design. The newsletter radiates an intense and expressive mood.

3.  Facing the Giants Church Newsletter

Facing the Giants

Newsletters that are more than just a few pages in length should have a table of contents. This newsletter uses the dark-colored image to the right to add this handy guide for finding articles of interest, and to get a preview of what’s in the newsletter.

4.  Living By Faith Church Newsletter

Living by FaithThis traditional-style newsletter design uses a two-column format. Notice also how the image has a prominent position on the design.

5.  Family Church Newsletter

Family Church

The most outstanding feature of this newsletter is its color and visual impact. At the same time, it has a clean, readable format.

6.  Missionary Outreach Church Newsletter

Church Update Newsletter

The map of the world picture covers more than one half of the first page, giving this newsletter instant visual power. At the same time, there is plenty of text on the first page, as well as a table of contents.

7.  Easter Cross Church Newsletter

Easter Newsletter for Church

This newsletter uses fresh colors and the familiar design of the cross to draw in readers.

8.  Community Church Newsletter Template

Community Church Newsletter Template

Most newsletter designs and templates provide a feature image at the top. This newsletter uses both the top and the bottom to provide color and interest.

9.  Guitar Newsletter Template

Guitar Church Update

Because of the tilted image, this church update template gains a more space to use for the lead article.

10.  Refreshment Church Newsletter Template

Refreshment Church NewsletterA soft gradient in the background of this newsletter gives it a clean, peaceful feel. The gradient color shift from green to gray provides place for a two-column shift.

11. Summer Newsletter Template

MS Word Template for Church Newsletters

Using an understated image, there is plenty of visual appeal and color in this design. In addition, plenty of negative space allows for easy readability.

The most important aspect of a newsletter is its content, not its design. But without a good design, people are less likely to read the content or to have a good impression if they do read it. It’s a good idea to think of the newsletter design as an integral part of the content. As you get your next newsletter content ready, keep these designs in mind, or browse thousands more designs at Sharefaith.

You’ll find that every one of these Word or Publisher templates is easy to use, enjoyable to format, customizable to the hilt, and always visually appealing. Stay informed on how to publish a newsletter, and how to make custom newsletters for your church.

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