I’m not sure, but there may be some church administrators out there who have nightmares and panic attacks whenever they think about designing the church newsletter. To design a church newsletter is to accomplish a noble feat. It’s hard work. That’s why we need a solution–a solution that will overcome the challenges of designing a church newsletter, and producing a powerful alternative to the DIY route.

So You Can’t Design a Church Newsletter?

So You Can’t Design a Church Newsletter?

If you can’t design a church newsletter, don’t feel like you’re inept or incapable. You’re normal. Design work is hard work, because it involves a vast amount of factors—visual, physical, and mental—plus the need to somehow finagle a finicky piece of software to do exactly what you want it to do. Those who design church newsletters the best are people who have been trained to do so, people who have an innate knack for doing so, and people who know a lot about church newsletters and how to do them.

Since Sharefaith has been in the church newsletter design field for quite a while, and since we happen to employ some of the world’s best church newsletter designers, we wanted to share a few of our insights regarding how to design a church newsletter.

Design a Church Newsletter:  Best Practices

  • Eye candy is important. Term papers are boring-looking. They lack any and all visual appeal. Who would want to read them, besides whoever is going to grade them. Church newsletters, on the other hand, ought to burst with visual appeal. That’s why to design a church newsletter means to imbue the church newsletter with some attention-grabbing design features. This is a church newsletter with eye candy.
  • Color is critical. A colorless church newsletter is a boring church newsletter. If a designer decides to design a church newsletter, one of his or her first considerations is going to be what color scheme he or she should use. Without color, the design of the church newsletter falls flat. The Colors Church Newsletter Template demonstrates  demonstrates good use of color throughout the newsletter design.
  • The better the layout, the better the readability. A lot of thought, planning, and effort goes into the development of a book. Publishers and designers try to format the book to enhance its readability. Margins, font size, kerning, line spacing, all get a lot of attention in the final design edit for a book. The same is true for designing a church newsletter. To design a church newsletter with no thought for readability is to commit a cardinal sin of church newsletter design. A clean, crisp, and easily-definable layout is important. Differing articles should be grouped in a differing design segment. There should be plenty of white space. The Church Newsletter Template makes strategic use of white (and green) space.
  • The design should be uniform throughout the church newsletter. Nothing is as jarring as a church newsletter design that changes after page one. When a reader looks at page one of a church newsletter, that reader expects to see the same design scheme on page two, on page three, and so on. When you go in to design a church newsletter, it may be tempting to spice up page one with some fancy formatting and cool pictures, but tire out by page two. Don’t give in to the temptation. Design a church newsletter with universal uniformity in mind. See how this uniformity enhances the design in the Creation Church Newsletter.

Recognizing the important things to keep in mind to design a church newsletter, what should you do now? Head straight for Sharefaith’s church newsletter collection. Our newsletters, designed by professionals and approved by nearly 18,000 churches are the perfect solution for church newsletters. To design a church newsletter well is to invest a lot of hard work and to be talented. To use the design of a church newsletter that someone else did for you is just plain smart.


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