Churches have a lot of reason to celebrate. After all, Christians celebrate a life-changing reality in the Person of Jesus Christ. There’s Christmas and Easter of course, but there are also other seasons of celebration or commemoration. Most churches celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and other national holidays. Many churches also recognize the liturgical calendar, which provides another wide realm of important dates. Obviously, churches want to align their media and publications with the big events going on in the life of the church. That’s why churches need newsletter templates for every occasion.

Newsletter Templates for Every Occasion

Newsletter templates are a valuable resource for churches. They save time, money, and increase effectiveness. But imagine having a ready-made church newsletter that fit every occasion in the life of the church! For example, it is Lent, and you want to emphasize the importance of prayer. Is there a newsletter that you can publish that will help to reinforce this spiritual discipline? Or maybe Father’s Day is coming up, and you want your June issue of the newsletter template to recognize this important date. What about Christmas? The whole month of December is a great month for anticipating Christmas, and you’ll need to have a December newsletter template that looks a little bit Christmasy, right?

Newsletter templates are an important way to set mood, build anticipation, create atmosphere, and overall improve the mission of your church. To that end, you need newsletter templates for every occasion. The best way to find a newsletter template for your next church event is to do so by finding a worship media set that you like, perhaps browsing from the PowerPoint menu on Sharefaith, or even the worship video page. However, we’re going to provide you with a sampling of newsletter templates for several occasions or events. Remember, this is just a small sampling (a really small sampling), so be sure to check out the newsletter template main page to view hundreds more.

We also provide newsletter templates for more than just the occasion-based need. Here are a sampling of newsletter templates for other commemorations in church life.

Now, you’ll probably have more church events than just the twenty-five listed above. No problem. Check in to our newsletter page to see more, or just find a PowerPoint template you like, and browse to the matching set. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a newsletter template that you like. See the collection.

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