The vast majority of churches use MS Word for their church newsletter. But there is another tool available. It’s the Microsoft Publisher newsletter template, and it is a great tool to use in creating church newsletters. The  problem? Very few church newsletter providers, let alone online template sources provide Publisher newsletter templates. The solution? You guessed it—Sharefaith has Publisher newsletter templates. Hundreds of them.

Church Newsletters for One and All: Publisher Newsletter Templates

What Is MS Publisher?

If you’re not familiar with MS Publisher, here’s what it is. It’s basically a desktop publishing software, kind of like MS Word, but more geared toward the appearance of things, rather than just the content of things. In other words, MS Publisher is for designing a sweet marketing flyer, while MS Word is for writing a report. MS Publisher hasn’t enjoyed the success of MS Word, probably because it’s fallen behind in the ratings, when compared to other publisher-like programs (most notably Adobe’s product). However, since Publisher comes pre-packaged on many machines, it is still a good option. Many churches choose to use Publisher newsletter templates for their church newsletters, because it’s easier to tweak appearance and arrange things than it is on MS Word.

Finding Publisher Newsletter Templates

As mentioned in the introduction, however, finding Publisher newsletter templates is tough. Sure, it has its share of predesigned templates, but really, who would want to use those for a church newsletter? Apparently, not most people. For the many users of Publisher, finding church newsletter templates has been a challenge.

Sharefaith and Publisher Newsletter Templates

Sharefaith is one of the few companies that actually provides Publisher newsletter templates. Sharefaith’s goal is to help as many churches with their media, regardless of the programs, platforms, or operating systems they use. That’s why we offer a ton of download options for all of our media. Even church newsletters. We introduced Publisher newsletter templates as a way to help those churches who are either used to using Publisher newsletter templates exclusively, or who prefer the easier interface of Publisher newsletter templates.

So, if you see this button on the Sharefaith website, under Publisher newsletter templates, you know you’re in the right place. Any church newsletter template that you see on our website will be available as a Publisher newsletter template.

Ready to start work on your Publisher newsletter template? Visit the Church Newsletter page.

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