Church Flyer Design for the Average Joe

Pastors, church administrators, church secretaries, and church volunteers don’t have to excel at everything. Specifically, not every church secretary should be expected to churn out amazing church flyer designs on command. It’s just unrealistic and unreasonable. That being said, church flyer design is really important, and there is a need for top-notch church flyer design. To come up with a solution, we’d like to introduce you to Church Flyer Design for the Average Joe. 

Church flyer design may seem like a simple, straightforward and uncomplicated task. Just open up Microsoft Word, drop in a graphic, make the font really big, and print it out, right?


It’s uh…a little more complicated. We’re not saying it’s impossible. And we’re not saying that church flyer design is a task for only the elite and elect few. However, it is a time-consuming and somewhat involved process.

There is the key component of visual aesthetics. Good graphics aren’t just hard to design; they’re expensive to obtain, too. Stock photography is not cheap. Plus, for most graphic design, even something like church flyer design, it’s important to have the right graphic design software. Again, that can be expensive. Of course, there is the time required to format the flyer, and lay it out just right. Each flyer needs a certain number of items to be included, and the knowledge of best practices and layout for church flyer design.

If you think that church flyer design is a cinch, just take a look at some of these designs:  The Ascension of Christ Church Flyer, Valentine’s Day Church Flyer Template, and Dove Holy Spirit Church Flyer. These are serious church flyer designs that took some serious work. The task of church flyer design can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to slap together a nice church flyer design in just a few minutes. We’ve engineered a solution, however. It’s the Sharefaith collection of Church Flyer Templates.

It is totally reasonable to create a stunning, professional, flawless, full-colored, unparalleled church flyer design in just five minutes.

Five minutes.

That’s not an exaggeration. Five is all it takes. Provided you know what the event is about, and you have an idea of the details, you can pull together a really good church flyer design in five minutes or less.

This is what we mean by Church Flyer Design for the Average Joe. You don’t have to own Adobe Creative Suite 4. You don’t need to find a stock photography site. You don’t have to resize, reformat, and tweak margins. You don’t even need to get a second cup of coffee to pull you through the stressful experience of church flyer design. All you need to do is logon to Sharefaith, grab yourself a sweet church flyer design, and edit away.

If you’ve never experienced church flyer design like this before, you owe yourself a favor. A Sharefaith membership will give you this, and about 38,000 more good reasons to join. Not convinced? Sign up for a free trial and enjoy a kind of a mini-vacation trying out church flyer design for the average Joe.

Download a church flyer template now.

  • I completely agree. Flyers are no joke and templates go a long way to making it so much easier to knock the task out quickly. Thanks for the tips and resources!