Everything that a church does matters. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, a church’s task is important. Even Christian flyers are important. Excellence in communication is a critical task of the church, so designing Christian flyers and distributing them has importance. Here are three principles as to why Christian flyers matter, and three lessons about what you should do.

Why Christian Flyers Matter

  1. Christian flyers send a message by their visual design. One of the most important aspects of a Christian flyer is its visual or aesthetic design. Church flyers are a testimony to the church itself. The design is especially important if the Christian flyer is being displayed in a public way, i.e., in the broader community. That single Christian flyer may be one of the only windows of insight that an outsider has to your church. Lesson:  Make sure your church flyer is designed well. The best church flyers come from Sharefaith.
  2. Christian flyers send a message with their words. The words of a Christian flyer matter, too. Misspellings, grammatical errors, and other typos are unacceptable. Be clear, concise, and straightforward in the words you put on your church flyer. Lesson:  Give some thought and care to your message. Read about the various parts of a Christian flyer, and how to structure your message.
  3. Christian flyers send a message with their distribution. The final stage in using Christian flyers is distributing them? How are you going to do it? This is a point of critical importance for Christian flyers. Your goal is to get the word out as effectively as possible, without crossing any boundaries of propriety, or becoming odious in the proclamation of your event or message. Lesson:  Distribute your Christian flyers broadly, but carefully. Read some tips on the distribution of Christian flyers.

Now, you can get started on seeing what Christian flyer template will work best for your upcoming event.

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