Microsoft’s design software, Publisher is a useful tool for designing church media in-house, especially because of its low-cost and familiar interface. The only problem with using MS Publisher flyer templates is finding those templates. It’s relatively easy to find flyer templates MS Word, but what about Publisher flyer templates? That’s another story. For ten years, Sharefaith has been designing and developing Publisher flyer templates, and we’d like to tell you where to find them and how to use them.

Using Publisher Flyer Templates

Sharefaith has a huge stockpile of thousands of Christian media designs. In addition, the company has a vast library of flyer templates. All of these flyer templates are provided as flyer templates MS Word as well as Publisher flyer templates. Thus, all the options that are available in MS Word as also available as Publisher flyer templates.

  1. Select a Publisher flyer template that fits the need or occasion. This may very well be the hardest part of the process. There are a lot of Publisher flyer templates to choose from. If you’re hosting a music concert, you may want to use the Music Service Flyer. If you are getting the word out regarding a Bible Study, you can use the Scripture flyer. A youth event can be advertised using the Youth Flyer or Youth Events Church Flyer. Needless to say, you’ve got a lot of options.
  2. Download the template in Publisher format. You’ll easily recognize the Publisher flyer template format with the familiar green-colored icon.
  3. Open up the Publisher flyer template on your computer, and customize away. All Publisher flyer templates are ready-to-use and print. All you need to do is customize the Publisher flyer template however you see fit. It’s as easy as selecting a block of text and replacing the mock text with your own. If you’ve ever used Publisher before, there is nothing special or unusual about using a Sharefaith Publisher flyer template. The only “special” thing is that you’ll save a whole lot of time and produce a really, really nice church flyer.
  4. Save and print!

This article on Publisher flyer templates probably took just a couple minutes to read. Isn’t there anything more that you need to do? Some special process? Something?

Nope. That’s the wonderful thing about using Publisher flyer templates from Sharefaith. They are ridiculously simple to use, yet wonderfully beautiful when produced. That’s the value of Sharefaith.

If you’re not yet a member, you’ll need to have a membership in order to use the Publisher flyer templates. Again, this isn’t a problem. Within sixty seconds, you can start accessing our library of tens of thousands of Christian designs. And the price? That’s ridiculously low, too.

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