Putting a ministry flyer together isn’t as simple as just slapping some text on a page. There’s a process that you should follow, or at least sort of a science to getting your ministry flyer out in the best way possible. The question is, what is the way, and how do you do it?

Let’s look at a sample ministry flyer, and discuss each of the parts. This sample ministry flyer uses the design, “Mother Church Flyer,” which is part of the “Mother’s Day Media” collection.

The Attention Grab: This is the visual punch of the whole ministry flyer Every ministry flyer needs an “attention grab.” It’s how you grab people’s attention to the ministry flyer in the first place. Usually, the best way of grabbing people’s attention with your ministry flyer is by featuring a picture of some sort.

The Big Idea: The most important piece of information goes here. It’s big. It’s short. It’s concise. This tells people whether they want to step closer and read the rest of the ministry flyer. Don’t make it boring or long. Get the message out, and leave it. Sample of something that doesn’t work:  “Come to the Ordination Ceremony Whereby We Initiate Bro. Bob Smith to the Ministry of Proclaiming the Gospel.” Sample of something that works:  “Mother and Daughter Banquet” See the difference? Loquacity vs. brevity. Ministry flyer headlines feature the big idea—short and sweet.

More Clarity: Now, as the person steps over to peer closer to the ministry flyer, their interest piqued, you provide another helpful bit of information to give them even more knowledge and clarity. For example, “Mothers and Daughters of All Ages Invited!” You want to provide a bit more information, without slathering the header with facts and adjectives. That can come later.

Facts: Now that you’ve got their interest, they want to know if they can come. So, you’ll need to reveal all the important facts on the ministry flyer. There is a reason why these facts are printed in a larger font positioned near the top of the page. Just the facts, ma’am. Date. Time. Location. That’s it.

Description: Now, you can wax eloquent, but don’t go overboard. Describe the event that your ministry flyer is actually promoting. Will the mothers and daughters be horseback riding or sitting at tables eating delicate cookies? Do they need to RSVP? How do they get directions to the place? Is there going to be a silly hat competition? Do they need to bring food? How much does it cost? Your “description” is the smallest font size, and has the most information. The people who are really interested in the event will read this stuff. Provide all the necessary information for them to respond.

All this stuff about ministry flyers, formatting them, and designing them, might sound a bit complicated. You may be scared about trying it yourself. Take heart. We’ve done most of the work for you. We just thought it would help to know the logic of the parts of a ministry flyer, and the best way to communicate your information. All you have to do is download a nice design, open it up in a word processing program, and click on the various parts to change them (all except the main graphic or image).

Get started designing your ministry flyer.

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