Church Media Solutions

From videos to powerpoints. What is the place of multimedia within the context of the church? Is it a distraction or is it an enhancement? Sharefaith looks at tips, best practices and ideas for utilizing multimedia as a tool of worship.

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12 Days of Christmas Deals

There are twelve days 'til Christmas, and I'm sure you are doing your best not to burst into singing "Twelve Days of Christmas." Here at Sharefaith we're the same way. These deals are so awesome that you won't ... Read More...
Palm Sunday Media Tips

Palm Sunday Media Tips

With Palm Sunday right around the corner, you may be busy preparing for your events. To help you get ready for these important days, we're providing a few helpful media tips. ... Read More...
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What Is a Church Video Loop?

One of the most versatile and handy tricks in worship videos today is something called the video loop. Here, we explain what a video loop is and how to use it.... Read More...

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