If we’re not careful, our worship can degenerate into a waste of time. Worse, our worship can become offensive and dishonoring instead of positive and God-glorifying. By deliberately refocusing on worship, we can better honor and enjoy our great God. ExaltNow is a tool designed for churches to bring focus to their worship.

Bring Focus To Your Worship With ExaltNow
The purpose of ExaltNow is not to create a media distraction, but to provide a way for people to focus in worship. Here is how ExaltNow can help.

  • ExaltNow imports worship songs directly into PowerPoint for simple convenience in planning and preparing for your worship service.
  • ExaltNow allows text over video capability to add visual beauty and meaning into a worship service.
  • ExaltNow gives you the ability to integrate your worship songs, announcements, and sermon slides into a single PowerPoint presentation for a seamless and unified worship experience.

Churches are about the business of worship, and it is important that we use tools and resources that further our mission of glorifying God and proclaiming His name.

Find out how ExaltNow can help you.

ExaltNow Mac: April Release
We are currently preparing for the release of ExaltNow Mac version, scheduled for April. If you’ve wanted to use ExaltNow, but are a Mac PowerPoint user, we have a version ready for you this spring. Stay tuned. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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