When you think about “church media,” what comes to your mind? Last minute slide shuffling? Frantic spell-checking? Slow computers? Files that won’t open? ExaltNow is the product that totally changes how you do church media, transforming PowerPoint into a full-scale worship presentation software. The way you think about church media will be forever changed.

With the Valentine’s Day mind-blowing discount from ExaltNow, we’re handing you a church media experience you may not believe:  a free ExaltNow license and more media than ever before.

Here are some of the ways that ExaltNow can transform your church media experience:

  1. Focus on your sermon, not your media. Rather than have church media distract, use it to enhance your delivery.
  2. Communicate with clarity, not confusion. Clarity is key, and church media should make everything clearer.
  3. Deliver excellence without wasting money. Dazzling media tools are out there, if you’re willing to shell out the cash. With ExaltNow, you can save your pennies, and unleash the dazzle factor.
  4. Maximize technology without hiring a new staffer. Tech can be confusing, unless you have a streamlined and powerful solution. That’s what ExaltNow is designed to do—bring blistering media power with a smooth software experience.

We’ll be honest with. These are some pretty sweet benefits. This Valentine’s Day season, you can get a free ExaltNow license with purchase, plus ten Valentine’s worship videos and PowerPoints. This Valentine’s Day, the media is going to look real nice around your church. This Valentine’s Day is going to be the best yet.

Get ExaltNow.