ExaltNow, Worship Plugin for Mac PowerPoint 2011, Is Here!

ExaltNow Mac

The highly anticipated Mac release of the hugely popular ExaltNow Worship Plugin for PowerPoint has arrived. Today Sharefaith.com, the largest church website and worship media producer, released this revolutionary plugin, giving PowerPoint users on both Mac and PC the ability to add pro worship projection functionality inside PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

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How to Have a Focused Worship Service

If we’re not careful, our worship can degenerate into a waste of time. Worse, our worship can become offensive and dishonoring instead of positive and God-glorifying. By deliberately refocusing on worship, we can better honor and enjoy our great God. ExaltNow is a tool designed for churches to bring focus to their worship.

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10 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Projector

Do you remember overhead projectors? Those large, glowing boxes, humming loudly and blowing out warm air, while shining a bright, blurry, dust-speckled image on a screen? And those sheets of clear plastic paper? (Transparencies, was that what they were called?) And dried-up overhead pens? And lugging around the OHP to various rooms in the church? I’m glad that a new kind of projector is now in use—sleeker, lighter, better, and even cheaper than the old way. Here’s ten reason why your church should buy one, or use the one you have.

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Palm Sunday Media Tips

This Sunday (April 17, 2011) is Palm Sunday. With less than a week away, you may be busy preparing for your Palm Sunday or Easter events. To help you get ready for this important day, we’re providing a few helpful media tips.

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Having a Theme for Christian PowerPoint Templates

One of the best ways to keep a sharp visual presentation with your sermon PowerPoints and Christian PowerPoint templates is to have a unified theme in your sermon slides and PowerPoints. Here, we tell you how to do it. Examples included.

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How to Create a Stunning PowerPoint Sermon

If you’re involved in church media, you probably know what it’s like to spend time working on a great design for a PowerPoint sermon, a worship background, or a church bulletin cover. At Sharefaith, it’s what we do all the time, and something we do very well. Much of the design savvy behind our PowerPoint sermons are from Josh Feit, a professional graphic designer. Josh is first and foremost a Christian, and secondly is a designer. Each of the PowerPoint sermon templates he designs are packed with meaning. We had a conversation with Josh to pick his brain about church PowerPoint sermons, and extract some tips for you as a pastor, media director, or church volunteer. I think you’ll find that his advice is spot-on, powerful, relevant, and game-changing. Read and learn.

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How to Get Free Fonts for Your Church

Good design is all about good fonts. Ask any graphic designer, and he or she will explain that skill with typeface is one of the keys to good design. Obviously, you’ve got to have the tools. In other words, you’ve got to have fonts. So where do you get them? That’s what we want to tell you today.

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