How to Upload a Sidebar Banner to Your Church Website Template

In this tutorial we will focus on uploading your newly created website sidebar banner to your Sharefaith church website.

    1. Log into your Church Website Control Panel.
    2. On the top of the left sidebar menu, click on MEDIA.

    1. A new window will open. Click on ADD NEW, next to Media Library

    1. A new window will open. Click on SELECT FILES under Upload New Media.

    1. Find your newly created banner, select it, and click OPEN.
    2. In the FILE URL box at the bottom, copy the entire URL (web address).

    1. Click on the Save All Changes button at the bottom.
    2. On the left sidebar menu links under APPEARANCE, click on WIDGETS.

    1. On the far right, located the box that is titled “SIDEBAR 1.”
    2. Click on the drop down arrow, next to SIMPLE IMAGE.

  1. A new section will open. In the IMAGE URL box, place the URL that you just copied.
  2. In the LINK URL box, place the URL link to where you would like the sidebar banner to link.
  3. If you would like the link to open in a new window, check the box next to “Open Link In A New Window.”
  4. When done, click the blue SAVE button.
  5. Repeat these steps, in the second SIMPLE IMAGE box to create a second banner.