Communicating your church and ministries on your website is a big help to let everyone know your mission and presence. However, it won’t do much good to attract outsiders if they don’t know where your “presence” is. That’s why you want to be able to link some kind of map or directions to your website, so your church is easy to find.

In this tutorial, we’re going to use Google Maps for our example to show you how to link a Google Map, showing you church’s location, to your church’s website!

    1. Go to Google Maps (
    2. Type your church address into the address bar.
    3. On the far right, click on LINK.
    4. In the dropdown window, copy the URL under “Paste Link in Email or IM.”

    1. Navigate back to the Edit Mode of your “Contact Us” Page.
    2. Highlight your church address on your “Contact Us” Page.

    1. Click on the LINK button on the Menu bar.
    2. In the window that pops up, paste your Google Map URL into the URL field.

  1. Click on the blue ADD LINK button.
  2. You’re done!



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