Rearrange The Order of Your Church Website Pages/Menu Links

Sharefaith’s church websites are by default set up to give you a professional looking church website. All you have to do is replace the content, links, menus and graphics with your own. However, we understand that you might want to completely change the menu links/pages and write your very own. Here are a few guidelines to do this:

  1. Log into your Sharefaith church website control panel.

  1. On your left navigation menu, under Pages click on My Page Order
  2. A new window will open displaying all the pages/menu links
  3. You can now simply drag and drop then in the order you want them.
  4. When done, click on the blue “Click to Order Pages” button at the bottom

It is very important that you do not have more than 8 links/pages in your top menu. If you do more than eight, your menu will break. If you need more options, rather do a Sup-page/menu. This is much more professional and user-friendly.

Choose your top categories, and keep it one-word menus, for example: “About” “Mission” “Services”. If your menu extends over your rotating banner, simply scale down on your amount of menu/pages or make their titles shorter.

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