How to Change or Add New Pages or Menu Links to Your Church Website

In this tutorial you will learn how to create new pages for your church website. Your pages will be your top menu links and your sub-pages will function as drop-down menu links for further navigation.

Important Information:

  1. The default navigation menu on your church website menu is a universal standard among thousands of professional church website templates. To keep your site looking professional, we recommend you do not change the titles of these menu-links and pages.
  2. The names of menu-links/pages should be very short. Keep in mind that you can have a maximum of seven menu-links/pages. Stick with one-word titles. If your menu breaks, your page names are too long. Try shorter names or fever pages.
  • Log into your Church Website Control Panel.
  • On the left sidebar menu, click on PAGES.

  • A new window will open, displaying the seven standard menu-links/pages of a default church website template. As a church website best practice, Sharefaith recommends that you keep the default pages/menu links as they are. Again, this system is the universal standard on most professional church website templates.

  • If you want to change any of the names of the pages/menu-links, simply click on the Title of the page/menu-link you would like to change.
  • A new window will open. In the top box you will see the name of the menu-link/page. Simply change it to whatever you desire. Remember to keep it to a single short word.

  • After you are done, click on the blue UPDATE button to the right.
  • To see a preview, click on your website name at the top left.
  • If your menu links are broken, it may be because you chose too long of a name for a single menu-link/page. Just stick with one word (“Pretribulationalism” is too long), or shorten any of the other menu-link names to make room for a longer one.

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    Is there anyway that I can put image instead of words on the page name?…for example I would like to put images of mail and cell phone instead of the word contact.


  • Easy to understand.