How to Submit Your Church Website to Search Engines

Even though Sharfaith’s church website templates are automatically submitted to search engines, you can still double check that your new church website template gets “crawled” (web speak for a search engine finding your site). This way, users who search can easily find you on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Keep in mind that site’s rank higher the longer thy are around, (ie. they are more trust worthy) they have more links pointing to the site than your competitor. If you have a brand new church website and no one ever visits it, chances are that you will not show up when people just type your church’s name in Google. The best practice is to make your website known to as many people as possible, increasing traffic, links, and pagerank. Make sure you link your church’s Twitter, Facebook and Youtube account to the website.

  1. Submit your URL  to GOOGLE.
  2. Submit your URL to YAHOO.
  3. Submit your URL  to BING.
  4. If you have a Church Twitter account, tweet your church website URL.
  5. If you have a Church Facebook account, include a link to your church website.