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These articles run from how-to’s, to top 10’s, to important ministry discussion. You’ll always find something interesting and new in the Church & Worship Related category!

Year In Review Sharefaith Kids

Sharefaith Kids 2020 Year-In-Review

2020 Year-In-Review 2020 was an exciting year for Sharefaith Kids that saw our content library grow, brand new resources released, and thousands of churches join the Sharefaith Kids Family. Below is a brief ye... Read More...
Christmas Bible Stories For Kids Blog Title

Christmas Bible Stories for Kids

For kids and adults alike, Christmas is a special time. Everything about this season fills us with nostalgia: the lights, the food, the family, the songs, the laughter, and of course the presents! But there is ... Read More...
Kids Worship Videos The Power Album

Kids Worship Videos – The Power Album

For that last year Sharefaith Kids has been proud to include the amazing Kids Worship Videos of Seeds Family Worship in our Sunday School Library. Why does Sharefaith Kids love their content so much? They make ... Read More...
Top 10 Bible Stories For Homeschooling

Top 10 Bible Stories for Homeschooling

2020 Homeschooling Trends Before we explore our top 10 Bible stories for homeschooling let’s do a quick recap. Over the past two years the number of parents who have chosen to homeschool their children has d... Read More...

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