2021 Is Going to be Huge! Sharefaith Kids is set for a huge expansion of content in 2021 and leading the way will be brand new Preschool lessons. A consistent request from our members has been for kids Bible stories and lessons that are made for a younger audience. We’ve heard you and we are excited to announce that in January 2021 we will be adding Preschool Bible lessons to our ever expanding Sunday School library! This content will be delivered exclusively on our Essentials plans in the same on-demand format that our members have come to love.

PreK Lessons

Preschool Bible Lessons – Overview: In January our members will be able to explore our first two quarters of Preschool Bible lessons consisting of 26 lessons! Each lesson will include a preschool Bible video, curriculum PDF, and 5 all-new printable activity pages. Included in this offering will be Seeds Family Worship’s brand new “Lullabye” worship videos. Finally, for each quarter, we will be providing a PreK scope and sequence document that shows the lessons you’ll teach, their big idea, and memory verse. As Sharefaith Kids heads toward the new year, we could not be more excited for your Preschool Ministry!

Preschool Bible Lessons – Closer Look: January is still a ways off so we wanted to give you a sneak peek into our first Preschool lesson, The Creation Story. As we explore this lesson you’ll get a better sense of what’s to come and be prepared to start your 2021 lesson planning. At the end of this article we’ll provide The Creation Story Preschool Lesson free for you to download.


Preschool Bible Videos

Every Sharefaith Kids Preschool lesson will include a Preschool Bible video. These videos include the same artwork and music that our members have come to love. But, they’ve been updated with a new transcript and narrator that’s perfect for a younger audience!


PreK Curriculums

Preschool Bible Curriculum 

Every Sharefaith Kids Preschool Bible Lesson Curriculum PDF is designed to fill an hour of classroom time. As shown in the schedule below your lesson will include 4 in-class activities, Prayer time, interactive memory verse and teaching, your bible video and more!

PreK Order of Service


PreK Activities

Preschool Bible Activity Pages

  • Preschool Word Picture Match – Your kids will get to practice their writing by tracing words and then practice their reading by matching words to pictures.
  • Preschool Mazes – These mazes are fun with just a hit of challenge. Your preschoolers are going to love them!
  • Preschool Letter Coloring – We’ll take a key letter from each lesson for your kids to learn about and color. Just one more way to help your lesson stick!
  • Preschool Dot-To-Dot – Preschoolers love to draw and our Preschool Dot-To-Dot activity pages will teach them the basics.
  • Preschool Coloring Pages – Preschool and coloring pages, it’s a combo that ranks up there with peanut butter and jelly. You kids love coloring pages…so we made coloring pages. It’s as simple as that.


Preschool Scope & Sequence

Upon release, Sharefaith Kids Preschool Bible Lessons will include two full quarters of content. Quarter one will take your kids on a journey from the creation story to the wilderness wanderings and conclude with the Triumphal entry just in time for Easter. Quarter two will start with two Easter lessons and then pick up your Old Testament trek with Joshua all the way through the Prophet Jeremiah.

Scope & Sequence Button


Preschool Worship Videos

Seeds Family Worship has released an album of “Lullaby” videos specifically created for young children. These videos will make a great compliment to your upcoming preschool lessons.



Free Sharefaith Kids Preschool Lesson

If you would like to explore a full Sharefaith Kids Preschool Lesson, and get the latest updates on this exciting announcement fill out the form below:

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