As the director of Sharefaith Kids, every week I get emails from members, visitors to our Youtube channel, or people just curious about our kids church lessons. But every now and again I get one of those “WOW!” emails. Such was the case with Ashley Isaacs who serves as a Children’s Ministry Director in West Columbia, Texas. Her pastor forwarded her our eBook “How To Create Online Bible Lessons Your Kids Will Love,” and then she sent me this email…

“First off I would like to say thank you for this awesome resource! You made things so simple and easy to follow with your eBook! …This has eliminated the need of volunteers to teach and also keeps kids out of confined spaces. Below is a link to our video I shot following your guidance laid out in the Ebook! Thanks again for the inspiration! Our Sunday School Video:”

Well, I had to know more. In fact, I wanted to talk to Ashley from West Columbia, Texas directly! So I asked her if she’d be willing to sit down for a 15-minute Zoom meeting and walk me through how she’s building her online kids church lessons. Again, I got another amazing response:

“I would love to share my experience with others! I would like to warn you that I by no means have much knowledge with video production! I record these by myself at my dining room table with a $60 web cam and a photography backdrop purchased from Amazon. That’s what makes your program great. If I can do it without fancy equipment and little computer knowledge I know others can be successful too! Please feel free to share our video on your site.”

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Ministry Spotlight

And now, here is our discussion. I loved it! We had some internet issues (who isn’t in this day and age), so the video quality won’t be winning any Oscars. But the conversation is so good! Ashley talks through her process for creating an online kids church lesson, her budget, her priorities, and gives a few pointers along the way. Below I’ll provide links to the different resources she used.

Ashley’s Online Kids Church Lessons Resource List

As promised here is a summary of everything Ashley used to create her video. I’ve included the cost of each resource, provided links, and included a picture of Ashley’s home studio. If you would like to learn more about the church where Ashley serves, swing on by Columbia United Methodist Church’s website.


Creating Online Kids Bible Lessons – Studio Set Up

Ashley Isaac’s Home Studio

Online Kids Church Lessons: Final Thought

After we had finished our interview I reached out to thank Ashley for sharing her time. She responded to my email with a final thought, and as I’ve come to expect from her, it was amazing. So it seamed like the best way to end this blog was with a final thought from Ashley:

Also, I forgot to mention, our Church is NOT a big congregation! We have anywhere between 5 and 15 kids pre COVID and usually 120 in worship. Since COVID we have about 30 at our in person worship and usually only 2-4 kids. So this is worth it even for small churches!

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