When thinking about communication in your church, one of the most important tools at your disposal is in fact church media, graphics, and videos. This tool not only serves the purpose of communicating your heart and vision but it also does it in a beautiful and engaging way. Here are my top 5 reasons why you need church media for your church.


#1 – We live in a digital world.



You cannot go anywhere these days without interacting with some form of digital media. From our social media feeds to our websites and apps. You are engaged in this world and so is your church. What an incredible opportunity we have to reach our members and reach them in a place they already are. That is where church media, graphics, and videos can come in to play. They allow you a way to engage with your members and community in the digital world. 


#2 – Images are worth a thousand words.

Using Images From Google For Church Sermons


We have all heard this phrase but the truth is we really do remember images and videos. It is said that people only remember about 10 percent of what they hear after three days, but if a relevant image is paired with that same information retention goes up to 65%! Which means if you are communicating something important to your church you need to make sure it is paired with a compelling image.


#3 – Visual media enhances your worship experience.



Praise and worship is one of the most important parts of our church services. It helps us get our hearts ready for the message that God has prepared for us to hear. However you do not want a worship service that is full of distractions or takes away from the worship. This is where something like quality worship backgrounds comes in. They help you set the mood for your worship services and combined with good lights you can help set the tone for those worshiping to allow them a way to engage in worship without being distracted. 


#4 – Church video helps communicate your point


Have you ever been in a service where the pastor played a video that just touched your heart? I know I have. That is why I say church video not only helps communicate your point but it also helps you reach your church in a way that words alone simply don’t do. A good church video or mini-movie captures our attention. As communicators we can use this incredible tool to help reach people not only in our services but online as well! I have heard it said that video is the future for communications so as a church we need to make sure we are utilizing this tool to further the gospel.


#5 – Social Media is here to stay

church social media graphics


I know we already talked about how we live in a digital world but I want to emphasize the importance of social media. Social media is a great way to engage the hearts and minds of your church members throughout the week and on the weekend. That is why you need to have effective church social media graphics that stop the scroll. That engage the user on social media and encourage them to interact with your content. Social media provides a place to communicate important information, interact with your members regularly and share the gospel in a way that has never been available to us before as a church. 




There you have it! Here are my top 5 reasons you need church media for your church. Church media is an important part of creating meaningful worship experiences and helping ministries connect with their audience. At Sharefaith, thousands of ministries like yours use our church media every week to engage their ministries. We want to help you save time by creating powerful graphics you can use and we make it easy and affordable for your ministry. With our monthly and yearly membership options, our goal is to make it affordable for any ministry on any budget to get the church visuals you need to reach people for Christ.


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