Church Media Solutions

From videos to powerpoints. What is the place of multimedia within the context of the church? Is it a distraction or is it an enhancement? Sharefaith looks at tips, best practices and ideas for utilizing multimedia as a tool of worship.


5 Essential Church Media Trends for 2021

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash Media has always been an important part of any church services. However, in 2021, church video and graphics have moved past just “important” into a whole new category of es... Read More...
Photography for Church Communicators

Photography for Church Communicators

As a church communicator, it’s your job to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and when. You also have to promote your church so people outside your church walls hear about your message and are inspired to... Read More...

Essential Easter Video Collection

Last Updated: March 2017 As Easter Sunday approaches, we want you to have the very best in Easter worship media and resources. Here, you'll find the best Easter videos available to Sharefaith members. If you'r... Read More...
Easter Sermon Video

New Easter Sermon Video

Are you looking for hope? Millions of people — all across the globe and through the ages — have been yearning, seeking, and waiting for hope. This Easter Sunday, the question of hope is upon many people's mind.... Read More...