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Media has always been an important part of any church services. However, in 2021, church video and graphics have moved past just “important” into a whole new category of essential. Especially as we try to navigate the new normal that is our online experiences. 


1. Video is King:
We have all heard the statement that video is king. Well, it is still as true today as the first time you heard someone say that. Video marketing in 2021 is going to be an essential part of how your church connects with your audience. With so many different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc… Video still ranks as the number one way for you to engage with your church members.

This most important factor in this is to make sure that you stay consistent with your church’s brand and messaging. You could create the most beautiful video in the world, but if it doesn’t align with your church’s mission,  your marketing with it will fall flat. So keep that in mind. 

2, Online Experience:
You definitely need a great website and Sharefaith provides an amazing resource for you in that space. However, with that being said, church video and graphics are vital when it comes to your online experience especially on your website. It has always been extremely important to connect your marketing efforts and good design does exactly that.

When a new user finds your website, the look, feel, and visuals all need to make sure the match up. That is where a product like Sharefaith Media can really come in handy as it makes that part easy. By keeping everything consistent, you are making it easier for new members and regular members to find what they are looking for and stay informed.


3. Social Media
At this point, I think every church knows the importance of social media. We just don’t know what to do on the platforms or what type of stuff to post. At Sharefaith Media, we have a strategy we use with all of our social media graphics. STOP THE SCROLL! This strategy is based around the idea of creating graphics that are fun, creative, and gets users to stop scrolling and read the message your church has posted.

Social media remains an essential part of connecting with your church members. Engaging church video and graphics cuts through the noise that is social media and gets users to stop on your post. Not to mention on a technical side of things, everytime you can get a user to stop scrolling on your post the social media platform realizes that the user stopped on your post and engaged with your content. In the future, the result will be that the user will get shown more content from you as the social media AI wants the user to get the type of content that engages them. So it is a win-win!


4. Sharing Your Message
There was a time in the world of online where as a church if you posted your full message users would engage with the content. However, in 2021, the landscape looks a lot different. You can no longer get away with posting your hour-long service online. Instead, it is extremely important that you create short message clips with music and creative design elements on top of the video that will catch the attention of people online. As a society, we want things faster and in less time and our pastor’s message is no different.

One of the churches out there that is absolutely crushing this concept is Transformation Church in Bixby, OK. Everyday that post a short clip from the message with some music, text animation, or design elements. Their posts engage the user and usually lead them to the full message as a next step.

With that being said, Sharefaith Media has partnered with Twelve.Thirty Media to provide affordable custom video and graphics making it easier than ever before for your church to have engaging videos for your social media feeds.

5. Visual Marketing
With our world moving to an online platform in so many ways, the importance of having marketing that aligns with every aspect of your church can not be overstated. There is an old rule of thumb when it comes to marketing, and that is that to get someone in the door you need to have at least 3 different touch points with your marketing efforts. Back in the day it was billboard, postcard, and maybe your website. Though these are still valid ways of marketing they are not the most effective and cost efficient.

This again is where Sharefaith Media makes this easier for you as we provide you all the graphics that you need to have a consistent message across your social media, website, and online church experience. When you think about how important visuals are. Realize that having a consistent look across all of these platforms tells new and regular members that you are on top of it and it gives them the confidence to trust your online brand. 


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