As we look ahead to the new year, the Sharefaith team is thrilled to share some amazing new updates that you can look forward to soon. All of our members will have something to get excited about with new product launches, features, and additions in store next year! We’ve put together a preview article to showcase some of the upcoming changes you can expect to see in early 2021.


Sharefaith Media

A new UI is on the way for Sharefaith Media! Sharefaith members can look forward to an update in early 2021 with an all new user interface that makes searching and filtering through the Sharefaith Media library faster and easier, while providing a new clean layout to browse through over 90,000 church graphics. Look forward to more information in the near future.


Sharefaith Church Websites

A new Sharefaith church website theme is on the way! We’ll have more news to share and previews to look forward to on this soon!


Sharefaith Kids

In case you missed it, we released a Sharefaith Kids 2020 Year-In-Review article where we teased some exciting new plans for Sharefaith Kids in 2021, including:

  • Preschool Lessons: In January of 2021 Sharefaith Kids will be launching 26 PreK lessons exclusively on Sharefaith Essentials! Each lesson will feature interactive curriculum, animated Bible videos, activity pages, and more. You can learn more about this exciting news here.
  • Digital Games: Let’s face it, teachers often have some extra time to fill in class. Next year Sharefaith Kids will be releasing digital games that are not only entertaining but will also help your kids learn about the Bible! This must-have content will also be available on the Essentials plan.
  • Improved Search: In 2020 we are set to vastly improve the experience of our members with a new and improved search experience that will make finding resources and navigating categories effortless.
  • New Sunday School Lessons: As you’ve come to expect we’ll be releasing 12 all-new elementary lessons in 2021. We’re really looking forward to expanding our lessons on the story of Jonah!
  • New VBS: Last, but certainly not least, Sharefaith Kids will be releasing a new 5-day VBS program titled “The Shepherd King.” This digital resource will bring to live the adventures of David as we follow his story from Shepherd to King! 

Look for more news on Sharefaith Kids in the future!


Sharefaith Connect

A brand new product from Sharefaith is getting ready to launch for 2021; introducing Sharefaith Connect! Sharefaith Connect offers a full-serviced church management software solution that integrates seamlessly with Sharefaith church websites, Sharefaith Giving and the MinistryOne mobile app at a value that can’t be beat. Once added, your church management software gives you administrative calendars and schedules, automated workflows that keep things moving, built-in web forms integration, and so much more! Plus, Sharefaith Connect includes free WorshipPlanning Deluxe membership that users can activate and make their volunteer management easier than ever.


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