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These articles run from how-to’s, to top 10’s, to important ministry discussion. You’ll always find something interesting and new in the Church & Worship Related category!

Sharefaith Church Website Coaching

Website Coaching By ShareFaith

Launching a new website for your church can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never had a website before. So much goes into making a website great: color schemes, design, images, fonts, messaging, and so... Read More...
Summer Worship Songs

Top 20 Worship Songs for the Summer

Summer worship songs are about so much more than catchy tunes and feel-good music. While there’s nothing wrong with catchy tunes and feel-good music, summer worship songs should lead us to the feet of Jesus. Th... Read More...
Skit Guys Easter Video

7 Funny Church YouTube Videos About Easter

Easter’s coming up which means churches and their members are prepping and getting ready for action! But, everything’s not always as it seems when it comes to the perfect Easter service with the perfect members... Read More...
Relax Top 10 Free Sunday School Lessons-1

Top 10 Free Sunday School Lessons For Kids

Sunday School teachers are always on the lookout for great kids Bible lessons that are easy to teach and captivate their children’s imagination! In this article, we’ve assembled ten must-have Sunday School less... Read More...

20 Church Website Tips for Easter

If you work or volunteer at a church, you know that Easter becomes a sort of buzzword around this time of year (especially when it comes to church website Easter plans). It seems like every meeting, conversatio... Read More...

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