In Sunday School, there is a difference between a good thing and a God thing. Good things are valuable, but God things are the lifeblood of our children’s ministries. The pitfall to avoid is mistaking a good thing for a God thing. So, how is your Children’s Ministry doing? Have you managed to identify these 6 Top Sunday School Pitfalls to Avoid?

6 Top Sunday School Pitfalls to Avoid

Entertainment. It’s hard to imagine a Children’s Ministry empty of laughter, play and imagination. Teaching our children through videos, skits, props and games is one of the things that makes Sunday School so dynamic and fun. However, if we define success by how well children are entertained, we have missed the mark. Entertainment is a good thing; faithfully sharing the Gospel is a God thing.

Numbers. If your Sunday School is growing, that’s a good thing! Though sometimes, for the sake of bigger numbers, we can sacrifice one-on-one relationships. This leads to an environment where kids show up, blend in, and then go home. Sunday School should be a place where every child is noticed, valued, and invested in. Growing numbers are a good thing; one-on-one discipleship is a God thing.

Big Events. Sunday School is often known for its big annual events like VBS, summer camps, harvest parties, and Christmas plays. But Children’s Ministry doesn’t exist to put on big events. These big events should only exist if they serve the purposes of our Children’s Ministries. Why do we invest so much time and resources into those big dates on the calendar? Massive events are a good thing; gathering the saints together in worship is a God thing.

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Routine. Kids need order, structure, and systems. On the other hand, they also need to encounter the unpredictable life-giving leading of the Holy Spirit. No system can change a child’s heart. No order of service can replace the presence of the living God. Have we allowed God to order our service according to his desires? What if he wants to make things a little less predictable? A comfortable routine is a good thing; the mysterious leading of the Spirit is a God thing.

Isolation. Sunday School with all of its puppets, videos, and arts and crafts can seem like a ministry in and of itself. But the health of our Children’s Ministries are measured by their connection to, not isolation from, the rest of the church. It’s necessary for our children to understand that they are part of a larger whole. This is vitally important for us adults to experience as well! A Sunday School with a strong identity is a good thing; a fully connected church body is a God thing.

Personality-Driven. It is a wonderful thing when children love their Pastor or Director. A great children’s leader is an invaluable blessing, but if a team of leaders does not form, your children’s growth will suffer. Discipleship, relationships, and family all require more than one person, they require a team! A beloved Children’s Minister is a good thing; a united team of children’s volunteers is a God thing.

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