Let’s be honest, the best part of Sunday School is the kids. Well, serving God and the kids. There is nothing quite like being around children; their laughter, questions, blunt statements and refreshing honesty – it’s the best! But the more time you spend around kids, the more you begin to discover that Sunday School children fall into some identifiable categories.

angel-1 - Sunday SchoolExhibit A – The Little Angel. This vibrant child is one of the many reasons you LOVE serving in Sunday School. Like a sponge, they soak up every bit of your lesson and then with wide-eyes, tell you “Thanks!” They love your teaching and you love them for loving your teaching. But be careful, these teacher’s pets often struggle with trying to be perfect. It’s important to let them know that we all, their favorite teacher included, make mistakes.


cryer-1 - Sunday SchoolOf course, we can’t forget – The Cryer. With a heart so tender, it constantly teeters on the verge of a full-blown, tear-shedding, class-engulfing meltdown, this precious one always has your FULL attention. It’s a scary thing to be dropped off in a room full of strangers, so can you really blame the tender-hearted for getting a little emotional? Make your room a welcoming, safe place and you’ll get to experience one of life’s great joys: watching the Cryer get dropped off with a smile on their face – excited to see you, their new best friend!

Admit it. You’ve encountered these two, and are now curious about the rest of our list! Read 10 students every Sunday School teacher will recognize, and discover that, as Sunday School teachers, we have a lot in common!


10 Students Every Sunday School Teacher Will Recognize


First off, a little business, we’ll begin each student summary with an emoji – because what is more childlike than communicating using emojis 🙂 Now, back to the task at hand, since we’ve already given you two summaries in the introduction, all that’s left is to finish the list. But as a special bonus for reading on, we’ll throw in an extra line or two of insight for you.


tornado-1 - Sunday SchoolWithout further introduction – The Tornado. This ball of tightly-wound energy has the potential to turn your perfectly organized classroom into chaos. And the worst part – they don’t need a lot of time to do it. Physical activities are essential to harnessing their wild energy. Duck-Duck-Goose, Simon Says, pin the tail on Balaam’s Donkey or any of Sharefaith Kids’ amazing activities (shameless plug) can be employed to channel this force of nature. Sure, the Tornado energy can wear you down, but God made kids to be high energy – so it’s best to embrace it! “The glory of the young is their strength” (Proverbs 20:29).


quietone-1 - Sunday SchoolAnd then there’s – The Quiet One. It’s always the quiet ones. What are they thinking when they look at you with those searching eyes? Why don’t they ever raise their hand? O my gosh! What if they don’t like you? But don’t let these little ones fool you. Still waters run deep, and it is often that when you get to know the quiet ones, some of God’s greatest treasures are discovered.


carrier-1 - Sunday SchoolNext up – The Carrier. No, not the kind that’s always trying to sneak off with your phone. We’re talking about the runny-nosed, hacking-cough, fever-sweating sickness incubator that shows up around the start of school. Why are their illnesses so potent? Do they weaponize cold germs in their tiny bodies? Once inside your class, is full-blown outbreak inevitable? Though we may never get answers to questions like these, sick kids are no joke. As a responsible Sunday School servant, you owe it to the child, your class, and yourself to let a parent know if you think their child is too sick for class.


hitter-1 - Sunday SchoolWith great caution, we present – The Hitter. This pint-sized puncher is no joke. With the myriad of options available to express their anger, these kiddos choose a right cross! And as a teacher, is there anything worse than having to tell a returning parent that their child was hit? There’s just no good way to do it. Kids like this are one of the reasons starting your class with clear student guidelines and expectations (no matter the age) is so important. Kids, like all of us, struggle finding healthy ways to express their emotions and need guidance. But be sure and show this child the grace you (in their little shoes) would want to be shown.


jokester-1 - Sunday SchoolYou know him, you love him – The Jokester. This future stand-up comic has the potential to bring uncontrolled hysterics to your class in a moment. And the thing you really hate? You’re not immune. This crack-up doesn’t care that you’re in the middle of trying to explain the Holy Trinity; for some random reason, he’ll quack like a duck and you’ve lost it. Game over. You’re rolling on the ground just like the other eight-year-olds. But who cares? We need to laugh more, the Bible says it’s good for our health!


cool-1 - Sunday SchoolAnd we all know – Too Cool for School. This child reminds us of why parenting is so hard – transitions. Just when we think we’ve got a kid figured out, they start to grow up and everything changes. Growth is a part of life. And just because a child suddenly thinks storytime is lame, it doesn’t mean they don’t need as much love as everyone else. Change is hard – we all know it. If anything, those kids who think they’re all grown up are the ones who need an extra helping of your love and encouragement.


sticky-1 - Sunday SchoolHope you didn’t wear anything nice, it’s – Sticky Hands. This messy child seems to have gotten more animal crackers on their hands than in their mouth. And worse – they won’t keep those hands to themselves! They touch tables, chairs, walls, books and other children! And by the look of those two goopy animal cracker handprints on your new blouse…one just got you. Kids are messy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Who doesn’t like going home with glitter in their hair, glue on their jeans and a joy in their heart?


escape-1 - Sunday SchoolLock your child gates, it’s – The Escape Artist. How does she do it? Has she studied your movements and found the weaknesses? Turn your eyes for a moment and this little heart-attack can vanish into thin air. Through the gate, out the door, and make a break for it down the hallway before you’ve even realized anything’s afoot. She is the reason every Sunday School teacher needs backup. A volunteer, helper, deacon it doesn’t matter – you can’t be everywhere at once and Sunday School teachers need all the help they can get!


Thanks for reading, and if you know a Sunday School teacher who could use a good laugh, or a little encouragement, be sure and share this article with them. At Sharefaith Kids, we are honored to partner with Sunday School teachers around the world who serve children of all kinds! And, if we’re the right fit, we’d love to partner with you. Be sure and check out our full library of fantastic Kids Bible Resources here!


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