Triple wide videos are bigger than any worship videos you’ve ever seen, marking a new era in the world of church media. Sharefaith recently launched a collection of stunning triple wide videos. These new wide video format loops set Sharefaith apart as one of the few worship media providers that offer such advanced worship graphics.

Triple wide videos combine three separate data projectors to form an integrated video image that is three times the width of normal church video loops. The result is an eye-popping size and an intense visual experience. Triple wide videos have a far greater power to affect atmosphere and the aesthetic feel of a worship event.

Sharefaith is experienced in the world of church media. As one of the most enduring media providers over the past decade, they have consistently produced a lineup of modern media that equips the church to communicate with power. Just recently, Sharefaith released the latest version of ExaltNow, the worship software plugin for PowerPoint. ExaltNow 1.5 gives churches the ability to produce high-power church worship presentations media right within PowerPoint.

Sharefaith provides an even greater service to thousands of churches around the world by providing these new multi-screen loops, a church website solution, and the new version of ExaltNow worship software.

Want to see some triple wide videos in action? Check it out here:

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