Ranking right up there with Christmas services and New Year services, churches love Thanksgiving services. During the fall season, many churches host special fall picnics, harvest rallies, Halloween alternatives, and special services. Thanksgiving is a much-anticipated time of celebration for thousands of churches around the country. Here are three things that will make your Thanksgiving service even more significant.

If you don’t read anything else in this article, take heed to this. There are just two important links that you’ll want to save for Thanksgiving. These two links will give you all the options, media, colors, pizzazz, and power (from a media perspective, of course) that you could wish for on Thanksgiving. Here they are:

Thanksgiving Art PowerPoints. Tons of media related to Thanksgiving.

Fall PowerPoints for any media needed before or after Thanksgiving 

And now, for those three must-haves as you prepare for your Thanksgiving church service.

Coordinated Media

Did you know that Sharefaith provides sets of church media, that include a matching Thanksgiving PowerPoint sermon, Thanksgiving church bulletin, and usually a Thanksgiving worship background or video? By coordinating your church media on Thanksgiving, you can add an extra level of beauty and unity to your Thanskgiving event. Here are a few sets of media you can use this Thanksgiving.

Check out the Fall Season Church Graphics collection, including a falling leaves worship video loop.

The Thanksgiving Greeting Church Graphics collection boasts some brilliant fall color and dazzling harvest panache, perfect for any fall event.

Happy Thanksgiving Worship Media features a bright orange color and fall-colored leaves.


Thanksgiving Church VIdeos

Add some power to your Thanksgiving media by showing a video. A Thanskgiving or harvest video doesn’t need to be anything long or elaborate. A short two-minute video from Sharefaith works perfectly, or you can create your own. Here’s one of our favorite Thanksgiving church videos, or view more thanksgiving sermon videos.

Fall Theme Loops and Worship Videos

Add the fall flavor to every piece of media you project on your screen. Sharefaith’s collection of fall media include plenty of video loops with falling leaves, harvest colors, and beautiful imagery. Try these fall videos — both worship videos and welcome videos —as you feature videos before or during your Thanksgiving service.

Thanksgiving Worship Videos

Thanksgiving Welcome Videos

However you choose to celebrate, there’s one essential component that your Thanksgiving observation should include:  thanksgiving. Pointing to God the Giver as the source of all good, and Jesus Christ as the source of eternal life, we have a lot to be thankful for.

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