Sharefaith just launched a choke-on-your-coffee kind of a sale — the kind of sale that you can’t believe how good it is. Here’s the facts.

  • 25% off the membership price for new members. That’s amazing, considering you get a pro church website, 50k+ media products, and new stuff coming out every week.
  • 25% off the membership price for old members. Just because you’re already in doesn’t mean you can’t save money. We’re giving this savings to anyone who’s in, meaning that you can save big-time for the long-term. In fact, you can renew your account for as many years as you want, meaning that you’ll save even more.

This kind of a sale doesn’t happen very often.

And it’s not going to last very long. We’ll keep you posted with the countdown timer on the homepage, but we suggest that you take advantage of it ASAP!

Head on over to the membership renewal page, or the new member signup page.

Use the coupon code summer25off to save cash now!



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