Since Sharefaith started eight years ago, we’ve consistently tried to increase selection, improve quality, and further the church’s strategic use of media in the communication of truth. In looking back, we’re thank God for what He’s allowed us to accomplish. In looking forward, we see the potential for so much more. Today, as nearly 19,000 churches use Sharefaith’s product, we’re excited to share some resources that your church can use. And, as always, everything is available for every church for just one low price. Here’s the news.

New Line of Spanish Language Designs
The size and number of Spanish-speaking congregations worldwide is on the increase. To help these congregations with high-quality media, Sharefaith is working with professional designers and native Spanish-speakers to produce a growing number of Spanish designs. Here’s a sample of Spanish PowerPoints. 

More Church Countdown Timers
Many churches have found that using a church countdown timer is a great way of helping services to start on time. A church countdown timer is simply an onscreen clock, displaying the time until the service begins. You can expect to see more of these in the weeks ahead. See some of our church countdown timers.

Thousands of Website Banners and Sidebars
Since we launched church websites a few months ago, we’ve been scrambling to add upgrades, create add-ons, tweak settings, and unleash a powerful and cost-effective solution for church websites. As part of our agenda, we’ve produced thousands of sidebars and banners to spruce up your website and communicate your message. Take a look at website banners and website sidebars. Don’t forget that Sharefaith church websites are free for Sharefaith members.

New Sermon Video
This week, we released the newest sermon video. This church video clip, “Carrying the Weight of the World,” is an application of Philippians 4:6. Be sure to see our whole collection of sermon videos. We’re adding new ones all the time.

More and Better Everything
That’s just a quick roundup of some of what we’ve been working on. Every week, we’re releasing dozens of new designs. Bulletins, PowerPoints, video loops, newsletters…always adding more.

We’ve got some more to tell you…just not yet. In the next few months, we hope to share with you some of our exciting plans for giving you the tools to proclaim good news.

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