Triple wide videos bring “big” back to church media in an unprecedented way.    Multi-screen loops allow churches the ability to project massive visual power, bigger than ever before.

What Are Triple Wide Videos?

Triple wide worship videos are just that — worship videos that are three times wider than normal.

When to Use Wide Video Format

Triple wide worship media, also known as wide video format, works perfectly in any place where standard church video backgrounds are used. These triple wide loops are an excellent way to present worship lyrics during services, youth rallies, or concert events.

How to Use the Triple Wide Video Format

Multi-screen loops make use of three separate data projectors rather than a single projector. The image from each projector is directed in such a way that the three video loops line up in a horizontal banner formation. When the computer is equipped with a splitter, the triple wide video can be featured on all three screens simultaneously, delivering eye-popping size and an intense visual experience.

The Popularity of Triple Wide Videos

Triple wide videos are relative newcomers to the world of media. The idea is simple. Rather than using a single data projector for church media, why not use three? Major concert venues and media producers started experimenting with the technique, and it took off. Megachurches like Hillsong picked up on the technology and customized it for their worship events. Now, churches of all sizes and budgets can use the atmosphere-shaping power of multi-screen projecting in their worship services.

Triple wide worship media changes everything. Instead of a single square of media, you have three times the size and space. Churches are using triple wide church videos to set atmosphere for their services and expand the amount of data they project.

Check out these stunning multi screen loops.

Sunset Triple Wide Video

Sunset Triple Wide Video

Blue Flame Triple Wide Video

Blue Flame Triple Wide Video

Fluorescent Fusion Triple Wide

Fluorescent Fusion Triple Wide Video

Neon Dance Triple Wide Video

Neon Dance Triple Wide Video


See more triple wide videos.

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