Easter worship songs are some of the most familiar and loved songs in the church. Christ’s death and resurrection are something worth singing about. Here is a list of the top 10 worship songs for Easter. We’ve paired each Easter song with a matching media set from Sharefaith. It’s the one-stop resource for all of your Easter worship service planning.

Top 10 Easter Worship Songs

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1.  Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) – Casting Crowns

This song has become a classic Easter worship song for many churches. The lyrics, adapted from an older hymn, recount the resurrection story. The song ends with the triumphant stanza, “One day the grave could conceal Him no longer!”  We suggest using this worship video loop: Purple Spiral Worship Video Loop.

2.  Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher

Easter is about victory, and few songs celebrate that victory as powerfully as “Christ Is Risen.” The refrain celebrates Christ’s defeat of death and hell, calling upon the church to stand with courage:  ”Our God is not dead, He’s Alive! He’s Alive!” We suggest using this worship video loop: Jesus Worship Video Loop. 

3.  I Serve a Risen Savior – Ackley

This older song is a personal testimony to the life and resurrection of Jesus. Each refrain repeats the precious truth, “He lives within my heart.” Use this motion worship loop: Worshipper Church Video Loop. 

4.  I Know that My Redeemer Lives – Nicole Mullen

“I know!” It’s a statement of confidence rooted in the reality of changed lives and inspired truth. This motivating song, sung by millions on Easter Sunday, is an earth-shaking declaration of God’s power and Christ’s triumph over death! This video matches well with the song: Mountain Background Video Loop. 

5. Christ the Lord Has Risen Today – Wesley

Some of the best Easter songs are also the oldest. Their endurance is a testament to the Christ-exalting lyrics and message. This song from Charles Wesley lives on because its profound truth is so accessible and relevant today. “Hail the Resurrection, thou, Alleluia!” Use this motion worship loop with Christ the Lord Has Risen Today Song: Clouds Worship Motion Background Loop. 

6.  See What a Morning – Stuart Townend

“See, what a morning!” What would it have been like to be there, and to peer into the empty tomb? (Talk about goosebumps!) Christ’s prophecy was true, and he lived to affirm it. He lives today, and we shout it out it in this triumphant song of joy — “We are raised with him! Deth is dead, love has won, Christ has conquered!” Use Communion Worship Video Loop with this song.

7.  My Redeemer Lives – Hillsong

There’s nothing mournful about Easter. This is one of the happiest Easter songs you’ve ever heard! “I believe!” The song repeats the glorious benefits of our living Redeemer — he’s taken away my shame, conquered the grave, healed my pain, covered my sin! Use Cross Video Loop with the My Redeemer song.

8.  This Man – Jeremy Camp

We can’t think of the resurrection without contemplating the sorrowful yet glorious truth of the crucifixion. Jeremy Camp’s song is a testament to the life-giving power of Jesus’ death. This is a powerful video to use:  Good Friday Church Video.

9.  Were You There? – Traditional

There is a haunting simplicity in these Easter worship lyrics. The song is a series of questions — Were you there when they crucified my Lord, when they nailed him to the tree, when they laid him in a tomb, and when God raised from the tomb? The song makes us stop, think, and glory in the resurrection. Use this Underwater Worship Video Loop as a background video.

10.  Amazing Grace – Newton

Most Christians have sung this song many times. It’s the perfect Easter song because it celebrates the grace of God that rescued us. Grace! Easter is all about grace, and this song describes how such grace transforms our hearts.  This Cross On A Hill Worship Video is perfect as a background loop for this song.

Easter is the biggest event on the Christian calendar. As you prepare your heart for Easter Sunday, you can listen to or sing these songs in your own time of personal meditation. Let God revive your heart with the glory, grace, and life-changing power of the resurrection!

You can also check out a more exhaustive list of worship songs to sing at your Easter service. We’ve updated the list with a Bonus section that includes songs from 2016 and some more traditional songs. These songs are linked to a respective YouTube video that allows you to hear the song and prepare your heart for service. Check out our list of Worship Songs for Your Easter Service.

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